Apply Without Payroll Loans Simple And Quick

Obtaining loans without payroll has a great difficulty in the times we live because the banks perform studies of very deep risks and an indispensable requirement to lend you money is to have a payroll or pension. But it is not impossible to obtain loans without payroll, in fact there are many financial institutions that offer them.

Most of the entities that offer loans without payroll or pension are microcredit entities, designed to offer financing to people who can not obtain it in any other way. Having no payroll or pension, the amounts that can lend you are usually very small, being usually below € 800.

You have to be very careful with many of the offers of loans without payroll and endorsement that exist on the Internet because many of them are scams that offer to lend you money having first to send them a commission, leaving you without the money of the commission and without the loan. So you have to make sure that the entities where we request money are trustworthy.

Let’s look at the trust entities that offer loans without payroll or pension :



Zaloan is an online financial institution that offers fast mini credits of up to € 800 to be returned within a maximum period of 30 days. You can get the money in 15 minutes thanks to its automated system that processes loans quickly and your request is very simple through its website and simply by filling out an online form. You can get the first credit of up to € 300 to return in 30 days for free, without interest or commissions to try the service for free. Here you have more information about Zaloan.


With loan10 you can get loans without payroll up to € 600 in 10 minutes to return in a maximum period of 30 days very easily, since your loans are requested through your website and in a few minutes you will have your request answered. More information here.


Creditsage offers you loans without payroll or endorsement up to € 500 with a return period of between 7 and 30 days in a simple way. You can request your credits online and in a few minutes you will have an answer to your request because they have an automated system that processes loan applications immediately. Enter here for more information.


Zengga is an online microcredit entity where you can get loans without payroll of up to € 300 in a matter of minutes, making the request online and without the need for paperwork. To be able to request them you will have to have monthly income that you will have to justify, but it does not have to be a payroll or pension. More information here.


Creditpolar offers you loans without payroll of up to € 500 to be returned within a maximum period of 30 days, being able to request them online through your website and taking the money in your bank account in a matter of minutes. You will have all the facilities to get the fast money easily. Enter here to see more.

Among the recommendations made by this type of financial institutions that offer loans without payroll are not to apply for credits if you are not sure that you will be able to pay it, since you will see your economic situation worse because you will have the requested money plus the interest generated. Also, not paying the loans on time carries an additional surcharge.

These types of loans are designed so that you use them occasionally and they should not be used to pay another loan, since you would be in the situation that we have mentioned in the previous paragraph. Among the occasional situations are a personal emergency such as the breakdown of a household appliance, the breakdown of your vehicle, the payment of a fine or an invoice that you did not expect.

Not all applications will be accepted, these financial companies will conduct a risk study of clients when they receive the loan application and will lend the money to those who believe they can return it. For this, some entities carry out the study in an automated way through computer systems and others in a manual way and may request that you send them some documentation to justify the data of the application form and not be included in Financial Credit Institutions.

Loans without payroll are a way of obtaining more expensive financing than personal loans because financial institutions have to take greater risks with clients, so it is advisable only to request them in situations in which it is very important to have the money from them. urgent form.

Finally, some of the online fast loans entities offer mini quick loans with payroll and it is even possible to apply for fast loans having a payroll, pension or proof of income, with which you can get more money. You can see the full list of mini-credits here and the online quick credits here.