“A WhatsApp photo led me to my dream woman”

“When I saw her picture on a mutual friend’s WhatsApp status, I called immediately for more information. Somehow I wanted to know more about her. As luck would have it, the description I received matched what I was looking for in a wife; God fearing, humble, loving and beautiful,” says 32-year-old businessman Edgar Karugaba.

Not wanting to waste even a minute, Karugaba asked for her phone number. The next day, Karugaba approached Babrah Kirabo, a 27-year-old lawyer, and asked her out.

“She hesitated a bit, but five days later I managed to secure our first physical meeting,” says Karugaba.

This was new territory for Kirabo as it always took her a while to warm up to new people, being the conservative, mild-mannered and cautious person that she is.

“I’m not sure why I immediately said yes this time. One thing is for sure, he spoke like someone who didn’t want to play games, and that caught my attention,” says Kirabo.

Kirabo told her sisters about the date and all sorts of questions came up as it wasn’t like her. They became her driving force not to change her mind.

“I had to attend a class that day, so I told Karugaba to come at 2pm. I was so impressed to find him parked waiting at the hostel gate. And he’s been there for a while. I expected him to come out and open the door for me, which he didn’t. However, I chose not to show my disappointment,” recalls Kirabo.

And off we went to Zone 7, a restaurant and bar in Mbuya, Kampala, for a casual meet and greet. By the end of the night, Karugaba had made it clear that he was interested in love, commitment and marriage.

“I honestly knew things were going too fast, but somehow it felt right. All of my questions were answered and I had ticked all the boxes of the values ​​I was looking for,” says Karugaba.

It was a wonderful night for Kirabo who felt very peaceful and free from the moment she sat in the car to the moment they said goodnight in front of their house.

“We talked and laughed like we’d known each other all our lives. The freedom and peace I felt that day gave me trust in this stranger who was somehow no longer a stranger in my heart. I fell in love,” says Kirabo.

At home, Kirabo noticed that she forgot her scarf at the restaurant, which she mentioned to Karugaba during their bedtime phone call.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when he showed up at the hostel the next day with my scarf. I knew he had gone back to look for it. After that, without a doubt, he was the right man for me. I have a heartfelt commitment to doing my part to make this work,” says Kirabo.

With the help of Kirabo’s friend Milly Kikomeko and his sisters, Karugaba planned the perfect marriage proposal. Although the plan was slightly adjusted due to the weather at the time, it was very nice for Kirabo and such a surprise.

“We hosted her best friend’s son’s birthday party at my house, which I also invited my sisters to. Her best friend went into the house pretending to be uncomfortable, and Kirabo had to stay inside and take care of her while we prepared the grounds for the surprise. She was then called outside when everything was ready,” he says.

On December 21, 2020, Kirabo said “yes” to the man of her dreams after making him wait a long time while wiping away tears.

Their launch and wedding celebrations have been postponed twice due to Covid-19 lockdowns. Since the meetings had already started and a lot of money had already been contributed, the couple did not want to hold a scientific wedding ceremony out of consideration for the many invited guests. Luckily, they were able to keep their functions almost as they envisioned.

The induction and awards ceremonies were held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kyampene; Kirabo’s parents’ ancestral home in Bushenyi on December 27, 2021.

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Karugaba tied the knot on December 28, 2021 at St. Paul Cathedral in Kasese and a reception at Kasese Resort.

“I learned the danger of even small lies the hard way. About two months after Karugaba’s first visit to my home on April 17, 2021, he was so busy telling me to order groceries from his trusted Boda Boda driver, which I didn’t do and I don’t even remember why . When he asked I said the Boda Boda man didn’t return his calls. Somehow he knew I was lying and when he confirmed I was lying he was so angry and didn’t want to speak to me for about four days. I’ve regretted my actions, especially since there was no need to lie,” says Kirabo, who strongly discourages lying in marriage, even seemingly insignificant ones.

Karugaba advises couples to write their own love stories without trying to impress the public.

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