Alabama and Cincinnati go full on Cotton Bowl (for now)

With bowl games continuing to be canceled due to COVID, Cincinnati head coach Luke Fickell and the Bearcats continue to prepare to play Alabama at the Cotton Bowl at AT&T Stadium on Friday.

With bowl games continuing to be canceled due to COVID, Cincinnati head coach Luke Fickell and the Bearcats continue to prepare to play Alabama at the Cotton Bowl at AT&T Stadium on Friday.


We are almost in 2022 and yet 2020 is somehow still there.

COVID and its endless list of protocols and consequences continues, and every minute there is a new round of postponements, delays, cancellations and frustrations in sport.

UCLA moved out the Holiday Bowl. Texas A&M, Virginia, Boston College, Miami and the list of teams unable to play the bowl game they were is endless play planned.

The NHL took a week off around Christmas and now their players will not be participating in the Winter Olympics. Several NFL players are out due to COVID, the same goes for the NBA. The Dallas Stars announced that three players and one employee are subject to COVID protocols.

The TCU had to postpone their first two Big 12 men’s basketball games and cancel another one. The Frogs are slated to host national champion and number 1 placed Baylor on January 8th. The women’s program has also canceled three games, and now the home game against Kansas on Sunday could also be in danger.

On behalf of everyone, we are all fed up with this.

The first BCS Plus 2 soccer tournament is now national semi-final game, who have favourited Cotton Bowl with Cincinnati and Alabama at JerryWorld on Friday, is going as planned.

The only thing everyone involved in this game can do is pray that nothing happens between now and kick-off.

“I know I won’t feel for myself [relief] until the ball kicks off at 2:40 pm on Friday, “said Cotton Bowl President and CEO Rick Baker said in a telephone interview. “This is the moment when I’ll be the happiest person in the stadium.”

Everyone in the sport is stuck, which has brought Baker back to the incredible position he was in last year when both the Cotton Bowl and Rose Bowl were played with limited capacity at AT&T Stadium.

The novelty of a Rose Bowl, played for the second time in its history outside of Pasadena, California, has long faded.

Baker, like everyone else, thought we had “all of that” behind us in the spring.

Both Cincinnati and Alabama are essentially stuck in their hotels and going to workout. That’s it.

“We gave teams the opportunity to participate in certain things,” said Baker.

This included the chance to watch the Cowboys play against Washington in Arlington on December 26th. Cincinnati chose to watch the game while Alabama declined.

Crazy times; Nick Saban is giving away the chance to have fun.

“We have the same controls as last year. Everyone involved must be vaccinated and wear masks, ”said Baker. “We have restricted contact. There are no team hosts. No greeters.

“We didn’t sell any standing tickets. We want to keep the concession lines low. It won’t be as full as it would be for a cowboys game. “

There will still be over 70,000 fans at the AT&T Stadium on Friday, but we’re supposed to follow these protocols every 12 inches.

From now on, the Cotton Bowl between Alabama and Cincinnati is to take place as planned with all available players and coaches.

You know how to do this, so plan accordingly.

If you think all of this is a little ridiculous, you are right.

Baker, anyone else in his position, can say this publicly. He didn’t give any direction in this interview.

“People are responsible. They all have their own sense of the risks they want to take, ”he said. “At some point you have to believe that everyone is doing what they think is right for their own family. We’re going to be promoting the wearing of masks, and I think you can see at cowboys games and college games that there wasn’t a lot of that. “

Don’t blame the messenger. Don’t blame the organizers.

They are just trying to follow these ever-evolving and often silly and contradicting guidelines in order to play the game.

None of the two plus two math during COVID is four.

And in the case of sporting events that take place during the time of COVID, Delta, Omicron, two plus two are only equal to WTF.

This story was originally published December 29, 2021 3:57 p.m.

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