Anti-Vaxxers target British schools with protests against the introduction of the Covid vaccine for 12 to 15 year olds

Anti-Vaxxers target schools across the country with protests as the introduction of the 12-15 year old vaccine begins in England and Scotland.

Schools in Bradford, Bracknell, Kent, Leeds, Hertfordshire and Dorset have been selected for demonstrations scheduled in anti-vaccine channels on the Telegram Messenger app.

News seen by I show that hundreds of Telegram users will be collectively encouraged to demonstrate outside of school in the coming days and weeks.

Anti-Vaxxers on the Messenger app urged concerned parents and adults to bring leaflets and meet near schools to protest that the Covid jab is being offered to young people.

A protest group has a dozen Telegram channels dedicated to regional protests, while a national channel on the platform includes more than 2,000 people.

Anti-misinformation activists said it was “deeply worrying” that protesters planned to “harass” children, parents, staff and health care professionals.

After the problem of. was raised I, a West Midlands Police spokesman said the police will evaluate the intelligence and prepare “appropriate police plans,” while the Met Police said police intervention was not yet required.

“If the behavior goes beyond the parameters of an appropriate exercise of protest rights, the MPG will react accordingly,” said the spokesman.

Last week school principals were told to prepare for anti-Vaxx protests as schools prepare to host Covid vaccination clinics for 12-15 year olds, with vaccinations starting Tuesday.

The anti-Vaxxine protest group Outreach Worldwide has shared footage of their protesters approaching schools and students in uniform. In one video, a woman encourages students to delay the vaccine because it is “still in clinical trials and causing a lot of problems for young people”.

This is a common misinformation claim, likely due to the merging of “estimated graduation dates” on clinical trial websites with actual clinical trial end dates. The vaccine was approved for use after rigorous testing.

In Instructions for the school vaccination program published by the UK Health Authority advising schools on how to respond to “disruptive activity”.

The agency said it was aware that several schools had already received anti-Vaxx letters and emails and that the leaders had sought advice on how to deal with protests.

Organizers hope to move young people against the jab (Photo: Telegram)

A I Research last week showed that anti-Vaxxers had designed leaflets and posters specifically targeting teenagers when 16-17 year olds were offered the sting.

Parental consent is not required for vaccination if a child is deemed competent by a clinician, leading to antivaxxers choosing to discourage young people from vaccinating.

Flyers compared the Covid vaccine to an app that had not been tested properly.

Now protesters plan to gather outside the schools while the vaccines are introduced.

“I hope this idea will appeal to those who wanted to target schools,” one organizer wrote in a message on Monday. “The times are crucial, vaccinations will soon take place in schools.”

In another case, another user issued a “call to action” for “schoolwork” in Hertfordshire on Monday.

“The medical ethics of vaccinating children against Covid-19 is a very important and very complex issue and people have every right to express their opposition, but it is deeply worrying to see how adults target protests at children’s schools to Bullying parents, staff and doctors. ”Professionals. Law enforcement must view this as a threat to child safety and public health, ”said Imran Ahmed, CEO of the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH). I.

“Trolls come out to wreak havoc in the real world, but we know that these vicious communities of science deniers and potentially violent extremists are formed online.

“We know they talk about healthcare professionals in ways that can lead to violence. The big platforms allow them to gather online and form those views because that’s where they can advertise. It is sheer greed.

“Big Tech has much to answer for, both in its role in radicalizing ordinary people into suspicions of scientific expertise and in normalizing the use of their platforms to mobilize people to take aggressive action in the real world.”

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