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Death toll in Turkish coal mine explosion rises to 41

AMASRA, Turkey (AP) – Funerals for miners killed in a coal mine blast in northern Turkey have begun as officials put the death toll at at least 41 people. 110 miners were working at the mine when the explosion happened at the mine of Turkey’s state-owned hard coal company in Amasra on Friday evening. The city is located in the Black Sea coastal province of Bartin. Officials said 11 miners were injured and hospitalized, while 58 others managed to exit the mine alone or were rescued unharmed. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived at the scene on Saturday after tweeting that any neglect would be punished.

New Treasury chief: Mistakes have been made, tax hikes are coming

LONDON (AP) – Britain’s new finance chief has acknowledged mistakes made by his predecessor and suggested he could reverse much of Conservative Prime Minister Liz Truss’ tax cut plans to bring stability to the country after weeks of economic and political turmoil. Jeremy Hunt was brought in on Friday to replace Kwasi Kwarteng and restore order to Truss’ administration. He warned of “difficult decisions” ahead, saying taxes could rise and public spending was likely to be squeezed further in the coming months. Truss had previously insisted her tax cut plans were what Britain needed to spur economic growth. But a “mini-budget” she and Kwarteng unveiled in September caused the British pound to plummet and left her credibility in tatters.

Musk has a “super app” plan for Twitter. It’s super vague

For months, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has expressed interest in developing its own version of China’s WeChat — a “super app” that offers video chat, messaging, streaming and payments — for the rest of the world. once he bought Twitter after months of legal wrangling over the $44 billion sales deal he signed in April. Musk has claimed on Twitter that his acquisition of the company would accelerate the development of an “everything app” he calls X by three to five years. But there are only a few obstacles.

Raising Social Security is seen as unlikely to help Dems in polls

WASHINGTON (AP) — The news that 70 million people will see their Social Security checks rise 8.7% over the next year came just weeks before Election Day, but it’s unlikely to give Democrats the advantage they do desperately looking at the elections. In fact, the promise of bigger payments in 2023 could draw even more attention to the rising prices that are hurting households. And inflation was behind Thursday’s announcement of the biggest cost-of-living hike under the program in four decades. One analyst says the boost will “put more money in people’s pockets, but it’s making people think about high inflation.”

In France, the fuel crisis is straining workers’ nerves and resilience

VERSAILLES, France (AP) – France’s chronic fuel shortages, fueled by strikes and hoarding, are fraying nerves and testing both the resilience and ingenuity of millions of French workers who depend on their vehicles for their jobs. After the run on toilet paper, pasta and other essentials at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, fuel and where to find it are the latest obsessions in France. The government has asked motorists not to make hamster purchases. Some gas stations have banned canisters. Caregivers are particularly affected because they need their cars to visit patients at home. Gasoline was the number one topic of conversation for the nurses who made their morning rounds on Saturday.

Ukraine and Russia are working to gain advantages in the annexed regions

ZAPORIZHZHIA, Ukraine (AP) — Regions of southern Ukraine illegally annexed by Russian President Vladimir Putin are seeing increasingly fierce fighting. Ukrainian soldiers pushed for a ground campaign to recapture one, and Russian forces detonated long-range missiles and Iranian-made drones in another on Saturday. Ukraine’s power grid operator said a missile strike also severely damaged a key power facility in Ukraine’s capital region. After mounting setbacks, the Russian military has been working to cut power and water in distant populated areas while repelling Ukrainian counterattacks in occupied or partially occupied areas. After a Russian missile attack in the city of Zaporizhia, a local hospital doctor pasted a small Ukrainian flag on the broken windscreen of his badly damaged car.

Chancellor calls for EU reforms, military autonomy

BERLIN (dpa) – Chancellor Olaf Scholz has called for reforms of the European Union to make it fit for the admission of new countries and more military autonomy of the 27-country pact. Scholz spoke at the party conference of the European Social Democratic Party in Berlin on Saturday. He called for the gradual abolition of the unanimity principle for decisions in foreign policy, but also in other areas such as tax policy. Scholz also called for more EU military autonomy. He called for a coordinated procurement of weapons and equipment, the establishment of an EU rapid reaction force by 2025 and an EU headquarters for European armed forces.

Apple workers in Oklahoma vote to organize in second labor victory

NEW YORK (AP) – The National Labor Relations Board says workers at an Oklahoma City Apple store have voted to unionize, making it the second Apple store to become unionized in the United States in a few months. The vote signaled another victory for the labor movement, which has been gaining momentum since the pandemic. Preliminary tally shows that 56 store workers voted to be represented by The Communications Workers of America, while 32 voted against. Worker discontent in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked labor movements at several large companies across the United States, raising tensions over sick leave regulations, scheduling, safety and other issues.

Citrus and agriculture struggle in Florida in the wake of Hurricane Ian

ZOLFO SPRINGS, Fla. (AP) — The thousands of oranges strewn on the ground by Hurricane Ian’s fierce winds are just the beginning of disaster for citrus growers. Citrus is a $6 billion Florida business with more than 375,000 acres in the state dedicated to oranges, grapefruit and tangerines. Hurricane Ian also hit the state’s major cattle industries, dairy farms, vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers, and even hundreds of thousands of bees. The orange forecast for 2022-2023 was released on Wednesday. Production is 32% below last year and does not include damage from the hurricane. Most Florida oranges are used for juicing.

Aid workers killed in contested Tigray region of Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) – The International Rescue Committee says one of its workers was killed in an attack in Ethiopia’s contested Tigray region. The relief group said in a statement on Saturday that an IRC worker was “providing life-saving humanitarian assistance to women and children” at the time of the blast in the town of Shire on Friday. The group said another worker was injured in the attack. The statement said: “IRC is heartbroken at the loss of our colleague and will work to support our staff and their families at this terrible time.” It added that “Aid workers and civilians should never be a target “.

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