Apple reveals a major reason for dropping WhatsApp thanks to iOS 16 upgrade

Apple today revealed what iPhone users can expect from its major iOS 16 update, due out later this year. The huge iPhone upgrade will bring many brilliant features, including a major change to the lock screen that offers a wide range of customization options. But for anyone who has ever sent a text message they regret, the most exciting feature could be found in the Messages app.

With iOS 16, Apple is adding the ability to not only edit the messages you’ve sent, but also the ability to undo a chat’s sending.

This feature, which helps you avoid an embarrassing faux pas when you act quickly, is even more exciting for iMessage users, as you won’t find similar tools in other apps.

For example, WhatsApp currently doesn’t allow you to edit chats you’ve sent.

The team working on the Meta-owned app is believed to be developing a message editing feature, but it’s unclear when that will be rolled out.

WhatsApp offers something similar to the upcoming undo-send tool for iMessage, but it’s not quite the same.

For years, however, WhatsApp has allowed users to delete messages they’ve sent – when this happens, a “This message has been deleted” label appears in the chat history, which can lead to more questions than answers.

The function to undo the sending of messages will be much more stealthy since the recipient will not have a record where a chat was removed.

Besides these features, the upcoming iOS 16 Messages app update will also let you mark messages you’ve already read as unread.

Apple has yet to announce the exact release date for iOS 16, but it will be available in time for the launch of the iPhone 14 range.

Historically, new iPhones and new generations of iOS are available every September.

For anyone looking to buy a new iPhone this year, there are plenty of reasons to look forward to the iPhone 14 range.

It’s believed that Apple could drop the iconic notch that debuted with the iPhone X with the Pro and Pro Max versions of the iPhone 14.

Instead, it’s rumored to be launching a new pill-shaped Face ID selfie camera that will free up a lot more screen real estate.

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are also rumored to support always-on display technology.

Always-on displays, which display information while a phone is asleep, have long been popular with Android users.

This feature was a big selling point of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and has since become available on a variety of handsets, from flagship devices to budget phones.

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