BBB warns of new job interview scams involving messaging app and personal information

(Gray News) – The Better Business Bureau says scammers love to bring back an employment scam when the economy threatens to take a slump.

That BBB scam tracker has received multiple reports of a new job scam twist involving downloading a messaging app.

BBB officials say the scam begins when people receive a message from someone interested in hiring them. It can be done via email, SMS, or even through a social media platform.

At first glance, this “recruiter” looks professional. They claim to have seen your resume on a job search site and want to interview you for a job. But first you need to download a messaging app like Telegram.

Once you download the app, the recruiter will start sending you messages and asking you to answer some interview questions. After giving you enthusiastic feedback, they offer you a position at their company.

According to the BBB, this interaction is followed by an official-looking contract that must be filled out and signed.

After you sign, the scammer will ask for your name, address, date of birth, and bank details, claiming that they need to add you to payroll and other company systems.

However, the BBB warns that if you provide this sensitive information, you could easily become a victim of identity theft.

And some versions of this scam don’t end here.

As a newcomer, you will be referred to a “training manager” who will help you set up your home office. This person will send you a check to buy a laptop and other supplies.

After depositing the check, your contact will let you know that you overpaid and need to refund part of your deposit. However, the check is fake, and any funds you “return” to your new employer have long since been used up.

The BBB said a victim of one such scam lost $3,000.

BBB officials advise consumers to research job openings first, be wary of jobs that involve receiving and returning money, be careful with personal information, and look for easy settings.

More information on preventing employment fraud is also available here.

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