Bengaluru residents complain about glitches in the Sahaaya 2.0 Redressal app

It’s only been a year since Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) launched the updated version of its redress app – Sahaya 2.0 – and residents have started complaining about malfunctions such as: B. Their problems that are rejected without a solution.

The Bürgeramt launched the app in 2016 and updated it in 2020.

Sandeep Anirudhan, founder of the Citizens Agenda for Bengaluru forum, said: “There is no way to either reopen or escalate the complaint. My experience with the earlier Sahaya app version was much better. At least we could reopen the complaint as often as necessary. I looked for BBMP Sahaya’s website but that doesn’t work either. Finally, I even called the Janaspandana helpline, the integrated complaints portal, but they said they are not registering any complaints against BBMP. “

“Why isn’t the government asking the IT companies based here to maintain it free of charge? It’s not about competence. I’m sure the BBMP IT team has the ability to deliver, but it’s about management’s will. For that, the BBMP commissioner has to take responsibility, ”he added.

Citizen activist Kamesh Rastogi said, “I thought this version would fix the bugs in Sahaya 1.0. It’s much worse, however. The complaints are rejected without giving a reason and there is no way to reopen the complaint or even to escalate it.

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