Cameroon: Whatsapp – privacy policy keeps users busy


Individuals are concerned about the recurring security page that pops up on their phones every time they want to use the app.

For some time now, many WhatsApp users have noticed that a page that says “Update WhatApp Terms and Privacy Policy” keeps popping up. The situation seems worrying to many who do not know how to fill out the privacy policy. There are those who have followed the instructions on how to fill out the privacy page, but the page pops up every time they want to use WhatsApp after a long time. At the moment, many people question their level of data protection when they use the app to chat with friends and conduct business transactions.

Since the WhatsApp operator announced changes to its privacy and security platform in mid-February, users have been skeptical about how secure the platform could be afterwards. Although many users have left the platform for another, there are some others who are still using it. Currently, the WhataApp privacy policy appears on the WhatsApp phone page of individuals asking them to update their personal information. The first page of the WhatsApp operator reads: “We are updating our terms and conditions and privacy policy; we cannot read or listen to your personal conversations as they are end-to-end encrypted. This will never change. We’re making it easier to chat with companies, ask questions and get quick answers. It is our responsibility to explain what we are changing. “At the bottom of the page, the user is prompted to continue by clicking on the word” Next “.

After that, the user hits the next page. At the top it says “WhatsApp Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Update – we are not changing the privacy of your personal information. At the bottom of the page it says” The Terms and Privacy Policy will take effect on May 15, 2021. Please accept them. “Updates to continue using WhatsApp after this date.” It appears that many WhatsApp users have not followed the instructions for accepting WhatApp’s terms and privacy policy. As such, they are concerned about their privacy while using the app. It is important to note that the WhatsApp operator has stated on their platform that it is important for their users to stay safe with WhatsApp. Hence, the operator says that the safety of the users and their messages is important to them. As a result, the company announces, “We want you to be aware of the tools and features we have developed to help you stay safe while using WhatsApp. We also provide some links to other resources that can help you stay safe online. “One way to help users stay safe on WhatsApp is through the Terms of Service, which allows them to update the app’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy the need for users to follow the safety instructions of the app operator.


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