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It is customary to celebrate Chhoti Diwali a day before the main Diwali. This year’s Choti Diwali or Kali Chaudas is observed on October 23rd. Choti Diwali is celebrated on the 14th day of Krishna Paksha in the month of Kartik.

According to belief, on the night of Chhoti Diwali, a lamp is lit and carried around the whole house by the elderly person in the houses and this lamp is kept somewhere away from the house. There is also a tradition of worshiping the god of death Yam on this day, but do you know why Choti Diwali is celebrated just one day before the big Diwali?

Once upon a time there was a king named Rati Dev. He had never sinned in his life, but one day Yamdoot stood before him. The king was surprised to see Yamdoot in front of him and said, “I have never sinned, will I still have to go to hell?” Hearing this, Yamdoot said, “O Rajan, as soon as a brahmin has returned hungry from your door , this is the fruit of the same sin.”

Choti Diwali 2022

When the king heard this, he asked Yamdoot for a year’s penance. The Yamdoot gave the king a year. The king approached the rishis and told them the whole story and asked them how to resolve this dilemma.

Then the sage asked them to fast and feed the Brahmins on the Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha in the month of Kartik. The king did this according to the sage’s command and the sins were set free. After that he got a place in Vishnu Lok.

From that day on, the day of Kartik Chaturdashi, fasting and lighting lamps to get rid of sin and hell became widespread.

Choti Diwali Wishes, Images & Status

Happy Deepawali

Happy Deepawali

On this auspicious occasion of Choti Diwali, we are here with a list of beautiful messages to share with your loved ones:

  • I wish you a day full of happy moments and wonderful memories. Happy Choti Diwali!
  • May Goddess Laxmi shower you with her blessings and guide you on the path of prosperity. Happy Chhoti Diwali 2021!
  • Laddoos and lights, this Choti Diwali may all your wishes come true.
  • May your life shine as brightly as the sparkling diyas and bring everlasting happiness in the coming year.
  • May this Chhoti Diwali bring you many surprises, success and good health!
Choti Diwali pictures

Choti Diwali pictures

  • May you overcome all your difficulties and come out of it stronger than ever! Happy Choti Diwali 2022!
  • A very happy and blessed Choti Diwali to you and your family!
  • Aapko aur aapke parivaar ko Chhoti Diwali ki dhher sari shubhkamnayein!

Happy Choti Diwali 2022

  • May the Diwali lamps illuminate your life with happiness, success and good luck! Happy Choti Diwali 2022!
  • Let’s celebrate this festival of light today and let the light triumph over the darkness! Happy Chhoti Diwali 2022!
  • May you be blessed with Maa Laxmi’s finest blessings and eternal knowledge!


  • Let there be peace on earth today and may this day shine like never before! Happy Choti Diwali!
  • Sending you warm Diwali greetings today! I wish you a blessed day and a wonderful year!
  • Happy Chhoti Diwali to all. God speed!
  • May you be filled with joy and enthusiasm, may you succeed in everything you do! Happy Choti Diwali!
  • Happy Naraka Chaturdashi to you and all your family!
  • May your life be filled with light as bright as the light of these diyas and give you immense power. Happy Chhoti Diwali 2021!
  • Today, let’s celebrate the victory of good over evil and burn all hatred with firecrackers! Happy Choti Diwali!

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