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Social media is a great place to reach the masses, especially during a crisis, and we often come across instances of people seeking public help to locate their missing loved ones. While sometimes successful, these calls for help can also have negative effects, as this father discovered after briefly filing a missing person’s report for his daughter.

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Below is an ongoing viral claim among WhatsApp users in Sri Lanka showing a person claiming to be the father of daughter seeking public help to locate her missing daughter. The image appears to be a screenshot of a Facebook group called Enderamulla.

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Because the post included a cell phone number to contact, we reached out to the person credited in a viral social media post claiming to be the missing daughter’s father.

Yaseer Ossen was indeed the father who happened to post this message about the missing daughter and he explained the real story behind this viral WhatsApp message.

My 6 year old little daughter went missing and I tried to find her everywhere and failed. So I posted her photo on a Facebook group and asked people for help to find her as I couldn’t find her in the house and around. However, 20-30 minutes after posting this Facebook post, she suddenly emerged from the house and I immediately deleted the Facebook post. However, even then, many people had taken screenshots and started sharing them on both Facebook and WhatsApp. I reported this incident to Facebook and it seems they have removed all of those Facebook posts. However, even now, the screenshots of this post are spreading fast in WhatsApp and I get a lot of calls to my mobile number because my number is mentioned in this post.“, he said.

We checked Mr. Yaseer Ossen’s Facebook profile and found several photos like this one of his family together with his daughter that matched the image that went viral on WhatsApp.

Yaseer Ossen urged the public not to share this picture any further as he had already found his missing daughter and heartily thanked everyone who had offered to help him.

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Title:Dad asks public not to share this WhatsApp forward of his missing daughter!

Fact check by: Kalana Krishantha

Result: Misleading

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