Download manager, new attachments menu, live streaming with other apps and more are coming with the new Telegram update

Telegram has released a new update for the messaging platform. The new Telegram update comes with a bunch of new features like tools to control your downloads, share documents quickly, rearrange media albums before sending, turn your channel into a TV station and much more. To initiate discussions, you can now send links to your phone number

The new Telegram update was announced by blog entry. As already mentioned, the update includes a new download manager. Telegram users can transfer files of any type up to 2GB in size and access them from any device with unlimited cloud storage. A new icon now appears in the search bar when files are actively downloading. To view and manage them, tap the icon or click the Downloads tab in Search – pause and resume all downloads or individual items and choose one to increase its priority, or see him in chat.

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In addition, there is a new attachment menu that allows you to share numerous photos or videos. Tap “…selected” at the top of the panel to see how the album appears in the conversation after it’s sent – and to rearrange or remove selected media. To keep up to date with the Android app, the Attach Attachment menu has been completely redesigned for iOS. The in-app camera is now seamlessly integrated with Gallery, and a new navigation bar provides easy access to photos, files, location sharing, and other features. The new Files tab shows recently transferred files and allows you to search by name.

Panels and headers have a faint transparency effect in night mode, allowing chat backgrounds, stickers, and media to show through when navigating.

The new Telegram update brings improved login to Android and macOS with smooth new animations. Watch your login code numbers slide into place on Android. Watch the matrix code fall down on the QR code login page on Telegram for macOS. Neo, follow the white duck. Telegram apps allow users to be signed into multiple accounts at the same time – with different phone numbers.

Anyone can set up a unique @username on the Settings page, which provides an easy way for others to reach you without revealing your phone number through search or your link.

The new Telegram update also allows you to provide a direct link to your phone number, which will immediately start a conversation with you. Of course, the link will only work if your privacy settings allow others to find you using your phone number.

Live video broadcasts with an unlimited number of viewers are supported by groups and channels. With this upgrade you can broadcast from streaming tools like OBS Studio and XSplit Broadcaster – easily add overlays and multi-screen layouts and turn any Telegram channel into a professional TV broadcaster.

Start a new video chat in your group or live stream in your channel, then click the “Start with” option and enter the information provided there into your streaming tool. However, for the best quality, it is recommended to use software encoding (x264 in OBS). To watch your show, your viewers need to update their applications to the latest version.

Anyone can preview profiles, posts or fully public channels in their browser using links like – even if they haven’t signed up to Telegram yet.

These web samples have been updated to include chat backgrounds and style features from the full-featured Telegram web client.

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