Dubai: Thousands of drivers save parking fees by paying via WhatsApp – News

80% of payments are made through apps and SMS, RTA says, since all parking terminals are automated

Released: Tue, Nov 8, 2022 2:57 pm

About 80 percent of parking fees in Dubai are processed through mobile apps and text messages, a senior official said. About 9,000 payments are processed daily via WhatsApp. With this payment method, motorists save the 30-fil fee that is charged when paying the fee via SMS.

“Daily usage of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai app has grown from 20,000 to 45,000 transactions per day this year,” said Ahmed Mahboub, Executive Director of Parking, Traffic and Roads Agency.

These came as the RTA announced that all public parking machines in Dubai now have touchscreens, eliminating the need to print paper tickets. Motorists can use the touch screens to enter vehicle details to receive the e-tickets.

“The recent overhaul of parking systems in September 2022 marked the completion of the renovation of parking terminals in all metered parking zones across the emirate. Accordingly, all parking tickets have become 100 percent electronic,” said Mahboub.

New initiatives

In 2024, the RTA will launch several initiatives, including a smart payment system for multi-storey car parks, automatic payments, and a “company-specific payment system”.

“Additionally, we plan to make parking services smart and proactive, using big data to visualize parking space occupancy and projected fees,” Mahboub explained.

go paperless

The digital transformation of parking systems included means of payment such as intelligent parking machines, new payment methods, apps and intelligent scanning vehicles.

Payments can be made through the App Clip where QR code stickers are placed on parking machines and signs. A great benefit of the application is that you don’t need to download the RTA Dubai app or register for the service.

The WhatsApp payment service has also been overhauled with the Mahboub chatbot, as well as the Dubai NOW mobile app, which allows motorists to pay by credit card, buy back a previously purchased ticket and view nearby areas on an interactive map.


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