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The Electoral Commission today issued a 78-page electoral code of conduct requiring political parties to make payments for expenses incurred during the election campaign through the banking system.

The electoral body has established a code for political parties, media, voters, election observers, government employees and the general public.

The key points of the code of conduct are: The code prohibits the use of public property during election campaigns.

It bans people from creating fake accounts on social networking sites to influence polls.

It prohibits people from making hate speech or making misleading remarks against others on social networking sites.

It stipulates that political parties should appoint an officer responsible for campaign spending.

It stipulates that parties receiving more than Rs 25,000 in donation from any person should receive it through the banking system.

Political parties should provide information on spending within the specified deadline.

Only the main recruiter may use helicopters for campaign purposes.

Spending on helicopters should be within spending limits approved by the Electoral Commission.

Vehicles with foreign number plates may not be used in election campaigns.

The Code of Conduct prohibits parties and candidates from disseminating information for or against a party or candidate through online media, social media or any other means of communication.

It stipulates that local MPs must resign from their posts in order to be able to participate in local elections.

It also prohibits voters from posting unsubstantiated information for or against a candidate on Viber, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger, YouTube or any other means of communication.

It prohibits party cadres and supporters from using any logo, sticker, clothing, shirt, T-shirt, jacket, scarf, cap, badge, mask or medallion with party flags while promoting party candidates.

It stipulates that no more than one party may hold rallies and/or meetings in the same place at the same time.

Placing party flags on private and public property is prohibited without the consent of the owner.

The code prohibits teachers from partially or fully funded schools and educational institutions from soliciting votes for political parties or candidates.

It orders the parties not to announce any aid packages in cash or in kind for organizations or clubs.

A version of this article will appear in the March 18, 2022 issue of The Himalayan Times

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