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YOUR WhatsApp is about to have a big change – and that’s fantastic news for anyone stuck in a pesky group chat.

Group talks are really useful, but sometimes they can be a real torture.


An upcoming WhatsApp update could make your life a lot easierPhoto credit: WhatsApp / WABetaInfo

Maybe it’s a chat that’s old but keeps getting revitalized, one with too many people, or a very active conversation that you just don’t care about.

Some of these group chats you’ll probably want to leave.

But unfortunately everyone will be alerted when you disembark – making a quiet disembarkation impossible.

Thankfully, WhatsApp is working to fix that, WABetaInfo detectives revealed.

Horror WhatsApp Text Cheating Dad Nearly Of Thousands - Check Your Phone
WhatsApp alerts millions about BIG changes in keeping your texts

The tech analysts have scoured WhatsApp’s ‘beta’ trial to uncover a new feature ‘in development’.

It is the ability to silently leave groups.

That means if you leave a group, almost no one will know.

The only people who find out are group admins – the people running the chat.

There is a version of this feature that also allows you to view previous participants in a chat.

So you could still be potentially exposed, although ultimately the function could change.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to say exactly when WhatsApp will release this major app update.

It can take days, weeks, or months — and even get scrapped entirely if WhatsApp owner Meta isn’t happy with it.

In the meantime, if you want to try all the latest WhatsApp features first, consider joining the beta using our guide below.

How to get WhatsApp beta

To download WhatsApp Beta for your smartphone, you need to go to Google Play on your Android and search for WhatsApp.

Scroll down the page until you see “Become a Beta Tester”.

Tap the “I’m in” button, then tap “Join” to confirm.

Now all you have to do is wait for the update to the beta version of the app.

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Participation in the WhatsApp Beta on iOS for iPhone is more difficult and has a limited capacity.

Follow Apple’s instructions here.

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Utah values ​​have guided me https://rc-irk.net/utah-values-have-guided-me/ Tue, 28 Jun 2022 01:33:33 +0000 https://rc-irk.net/utah-values-have-guided-me/

Editor’s Note: The columns under “Another Look” on this page are part of a series by or about candidates running in the June 28 Sanpete County primary.

Written by Burgess Owens

Burgess Owens

My 10-year career in the National Football League has taught me a lot. Most important were commitment, resilience, dealing with fear/failure and working in a team atmosphere with shared goals.

During my years as the Oakland Raiders, we’ve earned a reputation for being a “motley crew” — a collection of rowdy, boisterous, and aggressive players with diverse personalities and backgrounds. The common goal we shared culminated in a Super Bowl championship, which our Raiders owner Al Davis summed up in three words: “Just Win Baby.”

Two of my teammates were Utahans and BYU alumni, Todd Christensen and Marc Wilson. Through her influence, I became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1982, and years later decided to send my six children to Utah for their college education. I followed them a decade ago and now proudly represent the 4th District.

It’s the values ​​of Utah that have guided my journey for over 40 years. Our unique culture has been a gift to millions. Utah is the fastest growing state in the Union over the past 10 years.

We are different and we are proud of that. The renters who make up our great nation also define our Utah culture: a commitment to faith, family, the free market and education. It is in our nature to work hard with a vision to leave our communities a better place for future generations. That’s why so many across the country come to visit but find “home.”

I am the proud son of two educators, so I had a front row seat for good educators’ love of their profession. This was highlighted by one of our Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson, when he said, “There can never be ignorance and free.”

That’s why I see education as the modern struggle for civil rights. Every child, regardless of race, creed, or zip code, should have the right to their hopes and dreams that is only available with the tools of reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. With Utah’s commitment to education, we have a unique opportunity to lead. Lead with parental choices, rights and curriculum transparency.

We can be leaders in merit-based income by giving our educators the opportunity to participate in the system that the rest of our nation has. With meritocracy, we will attract/retain the best our nation has to offer, use taxpayer dollars for better returns, create a resilient workforce, and empower our children to compete globally.

This vision is why I serve on the Education and Labor Committee, and as a freshman I am honored to be the senior member of the Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Education Subcommittee.

On day one, Team Owens got to work, working with students, parents and teachers in every corner of Utah’s 4th Circuit. We have cultivated sound legislation to increase parental choice, expand quality opportunities, and strengthen the building blocks of our country’s education system.

The first bill I introduced, the Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act, aimed to expand quality undergraduate, secondary, and technical education opportunities by providing a federal tax credit to encourage individuals and businesses to donate to charitable scholarship funds.

My most recent bill, the Securing Our Students Act (SOS Act), uses hundreds of billions of dollars in unused COVID funds to help local school districts identify and implement school safety measures to keep all students safe in the classroom.

For far too long we have failed to protect our greatest and most important asset: our children. We protect our banks, airports and stadiums, but for far too long we have failed to protect our children. This legislation, once passed by Congress, will provide immediate relief.

Our next generation should be our top priority, but we let them down. From closed schools, the anti-American CRT curriculum (taught to children as young as 3), police defunding, attacks on our energy industry, open/unchecked borders and record high drug overdoses, to the rapid debasement of stock market savings and a 40 year high crippling inflation, it is evident that the Biden administration’s policies have failed the American people.

This isn’t about Republicans, Democrats, or independents; This is about guidelines and priorities. Let’s come together and call for pro-American policies and elect representatives to stand and fight for them.

Burgess Owens grew up in Tallahassee, Florida. He received a bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry from the University of Miami. He was one of the first African American players on the University of Miami football team. He later played in the National Football League for 10 years. He is the founder of Second Chance for Youth, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting incarcerated youth. He used to represent the northern part of Sanpete County, but with the reallocation he now represents the entire county.

GNP may need to tighten to contain inflation https://rc-irk.net/gnp-may-need-to-tighten-to-contain-inflation/ Mon, 27 Jun 2022 16:32:31 +0000 https://rc-irk.net/gnp-may-need-to-tighten-to-contain-inflation/

THE PHILIPPINE BANK should make more aggressive rate hikes to contain thisbottleEconomists say this year is expected to reach 5%.

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) hiked interest rates by another 25 basis points (bps) to 2.50% on June 23. Interest rates on overnight and credit facilities were also raised by 25 basis points to 2% and 3% respectively.

“A more aggressive GNP stance could help allay concerns about runaway inflation expectations. Monetary policy adjustments are lagged, so we believe front-loaded action would be more beneficial than gradual rate hikes,” Nicholas Antonio T. Mapa, senior economist at ING Bank NV Manila, said in an email.

GNP can also help combat demand-side pressures and mitigate the impact of second-round effects such as wage and fare increases, he added.

“Finally, an aggressive rate hike could help calm and soothe strained nervesbottleation expectations,” Mr Mapa said.

In a statement, Fitch Solutions said it expects the central bank to hike interest rates to 3.25% by the end of the year, from its previous forecast of 2.75%.

“Over the coming months, rising inflationary pressures and rising global interest rates will prompt GNP to adopt a more hawkish stance, in our view,” it said on Monday.

Fitch Solutions also noted the “continued robust economic recovery,” as indicated in the fifirst quarter gives GNP more room to tighten monetary policy.

Inflation averaged 4.1% for the first five months of the year, beating the GNP target of 2%-4% after rising to a three-and-a-half-year high of 5.4% in May.

GNP increased its average inbottleation forecast for this year to 5%, from previously 4.6% to rebottleect the continued rise in oil and commodity prices.

For 2023, the inflation forecast was adjusted from 3.9% to 4.2%. Average inflation is expected to fall to 3.3% in 2024.

Security Bank Corp. chief economist Robert Dan J. Roces said in a Viber message that he expects inflation to be about 5.1% higher on average this year due to wage increases, sugar shortages and more expensive rice production.

“So faster inflation and a non-aggressive response, authorities may see a long-term inflation view and an aggressive one fiScal Response is in progress. There also appears to be a bias for weak PHP (Philippine peso),” Mr. Roces said.

“So there’s scope for more aggressive hikes, if that’s the casebottleThe situation is getting more difficult,” he added.

Fitch Solutions also revised its inflation forecast to 5% this year from 4.5% earlier on due to supply side issues and higher commodity prices.

“We expect that to happen in the coming monthsbottleInflation will remain elevated relative to historical levels due to high energy and grain prices, as well as a weaker Philippine peso exchange rate, which will drive imported inflation,” Fitch Solutions said.

The local unit closed at 54.78 pesos against the US dollar on Monday, gaining 20.5 centavos from its close of 54.985 pesos on Friday, data from the Bankers Association of the Philippines showed.

During Monday’s trading, the peso fell as low as P55.15, its weakest level since October 27, 2005.

“The tightening of global monetary conditions is having a significant impactficannot put downward pressure on PHP, and this will also likely prompt BSP to hike interest rates to prevent the currency from weakening too much,” Fitch Solutions said.

The peso’s decline over the past few weeks was driven by a stronger dollar following more aggressive tightening by the US Federal Reserve.

“As long as the market feels confident that the (Federal Open Market Committee) will continue to tighten more aggressively than GNP, PHP depreciation pressures are likely to continue to keep imported, not just food, inflation high,” the bank said of the Philippine Islands (BPI ) said Lead Economist Emilio S. Neri, Jr. in a Viber message.

UnionBank of the Philippines, Inc. chief economist Ruben Carlo O. Asuncion said the BSP may not need to be aggressive at this time.

“At 3.5% (minimum expectation) GNP is still within our expectations and may not need to be more ‘aggressive’ (not also to take the time) but stay the course to meet its main mandate of price stability” , said Mr. Asuncion.

The BSP will conduct its next policy review on August 18th. – Keisha B. Ta-asan

All WhatsApp users are urged to change the setting TODAY to lock your texts – don’t leave them unprotected https://rc-irk.net/all-whatsapp-users-are-urged-to-change-the-setting-today-to-lock-your-texts-dont-leave-them-unprotected/ Sun, 26 Jun 2022 18:35:53 +0000 https://rc-irk.net/all-whatsapp-users-are-urged-to-change-the-setting-today-to-lock-your-texts-dont-leave-them-unprotected/

IF YOU’RE worried about people snooping on your WhatsApp chats, there’s an easy way to protect them from prying eyes.

By diving into the app’s settings, you can lock your messages behind a face recognition or fingerprint scan on iPhone.


You can lock your WhatsApp chats behind a face recognition or fingerprint scanPhoto credit: Getty

This means your chats are protected from prying eyes even when your iPhone is unlocked.

To set this up you need to go to your WhatsApp settings by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom of your display.

Beat Account > privacy > screen lock. From here you can turn on either Touch ID or Face ID.

You can also select the minimum amount of time you want to elapse before your biometric ID is required again.

Your WhatsApp will change forever - NINE major improvements are coming soon
WhatsApp adds a new HIDDEN mode perfect for keeping secrets

Now when you open WhatsApp, you will be asked for your fingerprints or a scan of your face to access your chats.

This means if you hand someone your phone, you can be sure that they are not secretly spying on your chats.

However, it’s still possible to read and quickly reply to messages in your device’s notification window, so the tool isn’t foolproof.

To really lock your iPhone, you can turn off all message previews in your device settings at any time.

Whether you have the option to lock your chats behind Face ID or Touch ID depends on the iPhone model you are using.

Face ID is available on every model after the 2017 iPhone X, while the models before it use Touch ID.

WhatsApp has made a number of changes over the past few months to protect user privacy.

The US chat app recently rolled out an update that prevents people who aren’t in your contacts from seeing your “last seen” status.

“Last Seen” is the timestamp displayed on your WhatsApp profile and chats to show when you last opened the app.

It’s possible to hide it in your WhatsApp settings, but until now it was visible to everyone by default.

After the update, only contacts and those you’ve chatted with will see your status, keeping the last time you used the app private from everyone but your contacts.

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And last year, WhatsApp announced that it was expanding its disappearing messages feature, which ensures they disappear after a set period of time.

Users can now set texts to self-destruct after 24 hours, seven days, or 90 days. You can also now choose to have all your messages disappear by default.

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Rockets kill one person and hit strategic bridge near Cherkasy in Ukraine, officials say https://rc-irk.net/rockets-kill-one-person-and-hit-strategic-bridge-near-cherkasy-in-ukraine-officials-say/ Sun, 26 Jun 2022 13:38:00 +0000 https://rc-irk.net/rockets-kill-one-person-and-hit-strategic-bridge-near-cherkasy-in-ukraine-officials-say/

Kyiv, June 26 (Reuters) – Russian missiles fell near the central Ukrainian city of Cherkassy on Sunday, killing one person and hitting a bridge that helps connect western regions with eastern combat zones, Ukrainian officials said.

Cherkassy has been largely spared bombing since the war began in February, but Russia stepped up missile attacks on Ukraine this weekend. Continue reading

“Today the enemy launched missile attacks on the Cherkassy region. There are two strikes near the regional center. One dead and five wounded. Infrastructure damaged,” regional governor Ihor Taburets said on the Telegram app.

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He gave no further details, but a presidential aide told Reuters that one of the missiles was aimed at a bridge over the Dnipro River.

“They are trying to limit the transfer of our reserves and western weapons to the east,” adviser Oleksiy Arestovych said in a statement.

“It means that these types of transfers are going well and causing them big problems.”

He did not say how damaged the bridge was. Reuters could not independently confirm the report.

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Reporting by Pavel Polityuk Writing by Alessandra Prentice Editing by Toby Chopra and David Goodman

Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

Chromeback Complete: Messenger delivers winners at Homewood Field https://rc-irk.net/chromeback-complete-messenger-delivers-winners-at-homewood-field/ Sun, 26 Jun 2022 02:52:03 +0000 https://rc-irk.net/chromeback-complete-messenger-delivers-winners-at-homewood-field/

Chromeback Complete: Messenger delivers winners at Homewood Field


Mike Messenger scored two goals Saturday night, including the overtime winner against the Cannons.

BALTIMORE — Don’t call it a comeback. A Chromeback is more suitable.

And Mike Messenger was the one who provided the final balance sheet.

When JT Giles-Harris and Lyle Thompson traded body punches in overtime on Saturday night, Messenger came over to double down on the Cannons LC attacker. When they pushed him past the two-point arc, Messenger released the ball and picked the ball up off the Homewood Field turf.

Messenger cleared the ball and threw it to Dylan Molloy, whose lateral arm tear jumped off the right wing by Cannon goalie Nick Marrocco. What happened next happened so fast that even the ESPN cameraman was a bit behind.

Brendan Nichtern picked up the ball after the restart and immediately found Messenger catching it at the crease with no one around. Messenger skipped the crucial goal – the punctuation mark in a wild six-goal run that sent the Chrome home in a 12-11 win in front of a sold-out crowd.

Messenger, transferred from the player pool before the start of summer, dove over the front of the crease in the first quarter with a 6:24 lead and scored the first goal of a 6-0 run that turned an 11-6 deficit into a dismal one comeback win.

“He made two incredible plays offensively,” said Chrome head coach Tim Sudan. “The game winner and the jump gate were great. I just turned around and saw him flying through the air.”

Most of Chrome’s comeback (4-0) came in the final two minutes, just as Connor Farrell began to assert himself at the face-off point. Justin Anderson converted a right-hander to reduce the deficit to 11-8 with 1:55, then Ryan Terefenko capitalized on a turnover, clearing the ball and finding nieces to make it 11-9.

Anderson scored after a Chrome timeout with Molloy to make it 11-10 with 53.8 left, and then Terefenko delighted the Charm City contingent with the equalizer.

Terefenko backed up on the transition, as if trying to shoot from beyond the two-point arc. He then pocketed his stick and dodged an oncoming Matt Rahill. The rest of the defense collapsed on him midway through, but not nearly in time. Terefenko bailed out with his left foot and equalized with an overhand laser for the 11th point.

Chrome’s victory overshadowed the Cannons’ impressive advances (1-3) on offense. Lyle Thompson (two goals, three assists) and Asher Nolting (four goals, two assists) was an impressive one-two, especially as Nolting returned to the X-Attack role he’d mastered in his five seasons at High Point.

“I was happy with how we played offensively,” Thompson said. “They ran at the end of the game. Of course, the team in front feels a little too comfortable with the lead.”

Bubba Fairman, another Cannons rookie, delivered the final blow with 7:52 minutes remaining. A long rebound off the pipe sent the ball down the center of the field, and Fairman came darting down the middle and caught it in the crotch. It was a one-man substitution opportunity as Fairman scored his first PLL goal and celebrated, a result that gave the Cannons an 11-6 lead.

The Chrome hadn’t shone with the same luster as it did in the first three games of the season. Fairman’s gate could have frozen it. It didn’t.

“We just have to learn how to finish a game,” Nolting said.

Perhaps inspired by a rousing – a powerful – halftime speech by Jesse Bernhardt, Chrome reversed course. Farrell (16 to 25, 12 balls) led the effort from the middle.

“I don’t really feel a lot of pressure because that’s my job,” Farrell said. “My job is to give the offensive the ball.”

Nine players scored from Chrome’s offense, led by nieces (one goal, four assists). Messenger, Anderson and Jordan MacIntosh each scored two goals. Six goals came from the rope unit Chrome.

“I blacked out while I was partying,” Farrell said. “I was so excited. i love to win I hate losing more than I hate winning.”

Strikes hit factory full of civilians: Ukraine https://rc-irk.net/strikes-hit-factory-full-of-civilians-ukraine/ Sat, 25 Jun 2022 16:00:00 +0000 https://rc-irk.net/strikes-hit-factory-full-of-civilians-ukraine/

Ukrainian General Valeriy Zaluzhniy on Friday urged his US counterpart to increase arms in order to keep up with Russia and stabilize the situation in Luhansk

Russia yesterday launched artillery and airstrikes on the twin cities of Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk, hitting a chemical plant where hundreds of civilians were trapped, a Ukrainian official said.

The governor of the Luhansk region Serhiy Haidai said that Russian forces attacked the Sievierodentsk industrial zone and also tried to enter and blockade Lysychansk.

“There was an air raid on Lysychansk. Sievierodonetsk was hit by artillery,” Haidai said on the Telegram messaging app, adding that the Azot chemical plant in Sievierodonetsk and the villages of Synetsky and Pavlograd and others were shelled.

Photo: AP

He made no mention of casualties at the Azot chemical plant, and Reuters was unable to immediately verify the information.

Haidai said 17 people were evacuated from Lysychansk on Friday by police officers, rescuers and volunteers.

Ukraine said on Friday its troops had been ordered to withdraw from Sievierodonetsk, a key battlefield city, as there was little left to defend after weeks of intense fighting.

“During the last one [several] Days ago an operation to withdraw our troops was carried out,” spokesman for the Ukrainian National Guard Kharatin Starskyi said yesterday.

Starskyi, who had been in Sievierodonetsk, said on television in the morning that the flow of information about the withdrawal was delayed in order to protect the ground forces.

The pullout marks the biggest turning point for Ukraine since losing the southern port of Mariupol last month.

News of Friday’s withdrawal came exactly four months to the day since Russian President Vladimir Putin sent tens of thousands of troops across the border, sparking a conflict that had killed thousands, uprooted millions and reduced entire cities to rubble.

Recent Russian advances appeared to bring the Kremlin closer to taking full control of Luhansk, one of Moscow’s stated war aims, and set the stage for Lysychansk to become the next main battleground.

Vitaly Kiselev, an official at the Interior Ministry of the separatist Luhansk People’s Republic – recognized only by Russia – told the Russian news agency TASS that it would take another week and a half to gain full control of Lysychansk.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, but abandoned an early advance on the capital, Kyiv, in the face of fierce resistance, reinforced by Western arms.

Since then, Moscow and its proxies have focused on the south and Donbass, an eastern area made up of Luhansk and its neighbor Donetsk, using overwhelming artillery in some of the heaviest ground fighting in Europe since World War II.

Russia yesterday launched renewed missile attacks on military and civilian infrastructure in the north, near Ukraine’s second largest city Kharkiv, to Sievierodonetsk in the east, Ukraine’s chief of staff said.

Shell attacks on cities across Ukraine were reported yesterday by several regional governors.

Russia denies attacking civilians, but Kyiv and the West say Russian forces have committed war crimes against civilians.

Ukraine again pushed for more weapons, with the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, General Valeriy Zaluzhniy, telling his US counterpart in a phone call on Friday that Kyiv needs “fire parity” with Moscow to stabilize the situation in Luhansk.

South of Sievierodonetsk, Ukrainian soldiers also retreated from the towns of Hirske and Zolote in the face of overwhelming Russian forces, said Oleksiy Arestovych, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

He said that the Ukrainian military learned the hard lesson of trying to defend positions at all costs during fighting with pro-Russian forces in 2014.

“Now for the first time we have a precedent where our boys have retired in an orderly fashion,” he said in a video posted online.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba downplayed the importance of the possible loss of more territories in Donbass.

“Putin wanted to occupy Donbass by May 9th. This is us [there] on June 24 and still struggling. Retiring from a few battles in no way means losing the war,” he said in an interview with the Italian daily Corriere della Sera.

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LRT Public Inquiry Claims WhatsApp, Ottawa Council Text Messages https://rc-irk.net/lrt-public-inquiry-claims-whatsapp-ottawa-council-text-messages/ Fri, 24 Jun 2022 17:52:13 +0000 https://rc-irk.net/lrt-public-inquiry-claims-whatsapp-ottawa-council-text-messages/

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, city councilors and senior officials have been ordered to compose messages they have sent across platforms including cellphone text and WhatsApp by the end of the day.

These messages do not appear to have been included among those half a million documents The city of Ottawa previously surrendered to a public inquiry to examine its light rail system.

But City Hall has been working in recent days to get those messages delivered after a commission lawyer saw a WhatsApp chat that referred to “continuous” texting between Mayor Jim Watson and former OC Transpo chief John Manconi , CBC News learned .

The Ottawa Light Rail Commission marks the halfway point of four weeks of public hearings Friday, during which key stakeholders past and present will be interviewed by legal counsel. Next week, Watson, Manconi and some councilors will all testify under oath.

On Thursday, the commission released a Arbitration decision on its website about messages sent by key city stakeholders on the WhatsApp platform that Ottawa’s outside attorneys wanted edited. It was two news chains that the city consultant STV Inc. wanted to introduce as evidence.

The referee ruled that messages that did not contain medical information or personal phone numbers could be released.

For example, on October 27, 2019, when drivers were experiencing daily delays, Manconi sent a message to railroad director Michael Morgan that said, “Ok Michael, you need to get in touch with me today if you can. Major developments and also the Mayor has ordered that no money goes to RTG or RTM. The faucet is officially closed and the mayor has full authority.

subpoena issued

Aside from the news released Thursday, the WhatsApp chains appear to have alerted the Commission’s lawyers to broader news that they hadn’t seen.

According to an email obtained by CBC News, the City of Ottawa employee who organized his documentation for the public inquiry told members of the council and other city officials that the Light Rail Commission had issued a subpoena to the City of Ottawa in recent days.

Leslie Donnelly shared that the commission ordered: “Please produce all texts, WhatsApp and similar (ie, any electronic messaging platform) Messages for the period June 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020 to two or more from Mr. Holder, Mr. Morgan, Mr. Charter, Mr. Manconi, Mr. Kanellakos, the Mayor, every member of the Council, and Mr. Cripps. In this regard, I note the reference in the WhatsApp chat messages to “continuous” text messages between Mr Manconi and the Mayor, which (to the best of my knowledge) were not created.”

The commission’s lawyers specifically wanted to see news involving Mayor Manconi or City Manager Steve Kanellakos in the period that begins about when the mayor is questioning many LRT-related executives June 2019 in his office and said the train would probably open by September Troubled first New Year’s Eve when two trains lost power.

This trial period, which led to the launch of the LRT in September 2019, has been the focus of testimony at the public inquiry for the past two days.

During the investigation, many documents not originally intended for the public, including e-mails, were viewed made public as evidence while the commission seeks to explain the technical and commercial problems that have led to all of Ottawa’s light rail problems.

Sword & Trowel: First, Middle, Last https://rc-irk.net/sword-trowel-first-middle-last/ Fri, 24 Jun 2022 17:00:33 +0000 https://rc-irk.net/sword-trowel-first-middle-last/

We live in a culture that divides people. Socially, demographically, politically – our culture always promotes dividing lines. In particular, our society tends to pit young people against older people, leading to generational conflicts.

Fortunately, in the family of God we are led differently, led to unity between the generations. We are all one in the body of Christ (1 Cor. 12; Gal. 3:28). From the womb to the grave to eternity, every member of God’s family has worth and worth.

Oklahoma Baptist churches are blessed to have strong members from every generation: Greatest Generation, Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and now Gen Z. Each of them plays an important role in what God does in our state and in the environment does world.

I am grateful for each and every one of these generations and individuals. I am especially thankful for older Saints who have served so faithfully for so long: pray, give, go. Because of them we have seen the gospel advance, to the glory of Christ!

Today I’m writing with a focus on that younger generation I mentioned – Gen Z. In a recent column, Lifeway writer Aaron Earls talks about how Gen Z is facing an exit crisis of epic proportions.

“Lifeway Research found that 66 percent of church teens between the ages of 18 and 22 drop out for at least a year,” Earls wrote. “Reflecting on the similarities between dropping out of the church while in college and COVID can give pastors and church leaders more realistic expectations for the future and opportunities to think about how to reach out to those who have not yet returned.

“As teenagers grow into young adults, many also turn away from their earlier religious beliefs and practices. In the Lifeway Research study of young adults, 29 percent of those who had dropped out of the church said they planned to take a break from church after high school.

“However, the number one reason young adults leave the church after high school, and most likely the number one reason churchgoers have not returned after the pandemic, is not a deliberate decision. Most just drifted off during those college years. And the same is true for many during COVID.”

Stop and think about it. What is true for young people was true for many other generations. We just gave up going to church.

Earls added, “Their living habits and routines were disrupted, and many did not make the deliberate effort it would take to find a new church. Many teenagers don’t change their faith, but their faith isn’t enough motivation for the church-searching and church-going work.”

It’s easy to imagine these young people boomeranging back into church once they get married or have kids. But there are no guarantees of that, and we need them to get involved now.

As a pastor said, the 18-year-old needs the 81-year-old and vice versa in church life. This all underscores the urgent need to pray for ministries like Falls Creek, Baptist Collegiate Ministries (also known as BSU), Oklahoma Baptist University, Vacation Bible School and so many other ministries that are reaching the next generation for Christ.

What can you do? pray today Pray for your pastor, your church, these ministries. Next, go to church yourself to set an example. Next, spend time volunteering if you can. Then spend time reaching out to younger people in fellowship and friendship. Finally, continue to support your community financially.

In the body of Christ we value all stages of life, from the first to the last. And we need all generations, from first to middle to last, to accomplish the gospel work that Jesus commanded us to do.

Peso closes near 55 as BSP remains dovish https://rc-irk.net/peso-closes-near-55-as-bsp-remains-dovish/ Fri, 24 Jun 2022 09:27:00 +0000 https://rc-irk.net/peso-closes-near-55-as-bsp-remains-dovish/

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine peso ended a hair’s breadth from the 55 peso-per-dollar level on Friday, posting its weakest performance in nearly 17 years after the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipina ignored calls for bigger rate hikes to fight inflation.

The local currency ended the week at P54.985 against the greenback, weaker than its previous close of P54.7.

The data showed that this is the peso’s worst performance since it closed at 55.08 pesos against the dollar on October 28, 2005 – the year in which the political scandal and electoral crisis known as “Hello, Garci” died Philippines under the Arroyo administration.

The fall came a day after the BSP hiked interest rates by another 25 basis points, defying calls for a more aggressive crackdown on inflation amid an ultra-hawkish Federal Reserve.

“The recent weakness is likely driven by market sentiment that BSP is behind the curve on rate hikes, especially as calls were made yesterday to be more aggressive,” Domini Velasquez, chief economist at China Banking Corp., said in a Viber message.

A weak currency could make imports for the Philippines more expensive. This in turn could fuel inflation further.

While other emerging-market currencies have also been in free fall amid a strengthening dollar, Jun Neri, chief economist at the Bank of the Philippine Islands, believes the peso’s plunge should not be taken lightly.

“The peso’s year-on-year decline is no more than 11% and is the third largest decline among major Asian currencies, so I don’t think we can downplay the decline as something common to all. Only the Japanese yen and the Korean won weakened against the peso. Almost everyone else is strengthening against the peso year-over-year,” Neri said in a Viber message. – with Ramon Royandoyan