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  • Power outages widespread as Russia attacks power grid
  • US: Russia tries to freeze Ukraine into submission
  • Crews are working to restore electricity and water
  • “We are an unbreakable people,” says President Zelenskiy

WASHINGTON/Kyiv, Nov 24 (Reuters) – Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on the United Nations Security Council to take action against Russia over airstrikes on civilian infrastructure that have plunged Ukrainian cities into darkness and cold yet again as winter sets in.

Russia unleashed rocket fire on Ukraine on Wednesday, killing ten people, shutting down nuclear power plants and cutting off water and electricity supplies in many places.

“Today is only one day, but we received 70 rockets. This is the Russian terror formula. It’s all against our energy infrastructure…Hospitals, schools, transportation, neighborhoods have all suffered,” Zelenskyy said via video link to the City Hall.

Ukraine is waiting for a “very firm response” from the world to Wednesday’s airstrikes, he added.

The Council is unlikely to respond to the appeal as Russia is a veto member.

US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield said Russian President Vladimir Putin “clearly armed the winter to inflict immense suffering on the Ukrainian people.”

The Russian president “will try to freeze the country into submission,” she added.

Russia’s UN Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya responded by complaining that it was against Council rules for Zelenskyy to appear via video, dismissing what he called “reckless threats and ultimatums” by Ukraine and its Western backers.

Nebenzya said the damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure was caused by missiles launched by Ukrainian air defense systems after they were fired at Russian missiles, and urged the West to stop supplying Kyiv with air defense missiles.

The capital Kyiv was one of the main targets of the rocket attacks on Wednesday. “Today we had three hits on residential high-rise buildings. Unfortunately, ten people died,” Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky said. Reuters could not independently verify the report.

Explosions echoed throughout Kyiv as Russian missiles slammed in and Ukrainian air defense missiles were launched to intercept them.

“Our little one fell asleep. two years old She slept, she was covered. She’s alive, thank God,” said a man, who gave his name Fyodr, walking away from a smoldering apartment building that was smashed into Kyiv, dragging a suitcase.

The entire Kyiv region, home to over 3 million people, has lost electricity and running water, the governor of Kyiv said. Much of Ukraine suffered similar problems, and some regions instituted emergency power outages to conserve energy and carry out repairs.

Zelenskyy said early Thursday that power and other services would be reconnected in more areas. “Energy specialists, municipal workers, emergency services are on duty around the clock,” he said in a video address.

Since October, Russia has admitted to attacking Ukraine’s civilian power grid far from the front lines, as a Ukrainian counter-offensive has retaken areas from Russian occupiers in the east and south.

Moscow says the aim of its rocket attacks is to weaken Ukraine’s combat capability and urge it to negotiate. Kyiv says the attacks on infrastructure are war crimes deliberately aimed at harming civilians and breaking the national will.

That won’t happen, Zelenskiy vowed in a previous video address published on the Telegram messaging app.

“We will innovate everything and survive everything because we are an unbreakable people,” he said.


Ground fighting continues to rage in the east, where Russia is pushing an offensive along a sector of front west of the city of Donetsk held by its proxies since 2014.

Ukraine’s General Staff said Russian forces are again trying to make progress on their main targets in the Donetsk region – Bakhmut and Avdiivka. Russian forces shelled both areas and set fire to Ukrainian positions with incendiary devices, the general staff said.

Among those fighting the Russians in Bakhmut is a unit of Chechen fighters who hope a Ukrainian victory could trigger a political crisis in Russia and topple Chechnya’s powerful pro-Moscow leader.

“We don’t just fight for the sake of fighting. We want to achieve freedom and independence for our nations,” said one fighter using the nom de guerre maga.

Farther south, Russian forces dug in on the east bank of the Dnipro River, the general staff said, and shelled areas on the west bank, including the city of Kherson, which was recently recaptured by Ukrainian forces.

Reuters was unable to immediately verify the battlefield accounts.

Moscow says it is conducting a “special military operation” to protect Russian speakers in what Putin calls an artificial state carved out of Russia. Ukraine and the West are calling the invasion an unprovoked land grab.

Western reactions included billions of dollars worth of financial aid and state-of-the-art military equipment for Kyiv, and waves of punitive sanctions against Russia.

Reporting by Simon Lewis and Humeyra Pamuk in Washington, Dan Peleschuk in Kyiv, David Ljunggren in Ottawa and Ronald Popeski in Winnipeg; writing by Cynthia Osterman; Edited by Rosalba O’Brien & Shri Navaratnam

Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

WhatsApp warnings, exploding gadgets are making life hell for women – The New Indian Express https://rc-irk.net/whatsapp-warnings-exploding-gadgets-are-making-life-hell-for-women-the-new-indian-express/ Wed, 23 Nov 2022 00:38:00 +0000 https://rc-irk.net/whatsapp-warnings-exploding-gadgets-are-making-life-hell-for-women-the-new-indian-express/

Express Message Service

KOLLAM: Truth can be stranger than fiction. No one knows better than Sajitha of Kottarakara. How else can she explain electric fans turning on by themselves and her TV exploding after receiving WhatsApp messages predicting the same thing?

Now the 32-year-old, who lives with her parents and child, spends every day in constant fear as she believes every activity in her home is being controlled from the outside.

Sajitha told TNIE that over the past six months she has been receiving scary messages on WhatsApp from her mum Vilasini’s phone – about everything going on at her house. She believes both her mother’s phone and her own were hacked.


“I contacted the cyber police but no case was filed,” she said. On Tuesday, the police installed some security features on their phone. The scary news has now stopped. However, Sajitha said she was still scared.

“We lived in constant fear. Our phones have been hacked. Electrical devices in our house are externally controlled. Up until Tuesday, I was receiving intimidating and scary WhatsApp messages from my mom’s phone. One such message said that my TV would soon explode. And it happened. I’ve had such disturbing experiences over the past six months,” she said. According to Sajitha, the strange events began almost six months ago when she bought a new phone.

Shortly thereafter, the phone began to ring. It would turn itself off and on again. Details on the device would change automatically. “My call log would change. Offensive messages were sent from my phone to relatives and close friends. At first I thought my phone was having problems,” she said. Sajitha then switched phones. “The problems continued, however,” she said. She contacted the police and the cybercrime unit. Apparently, however, no adequate action was taken. The stream of abusive and intimidating messages continued. The family became afraid when electronic devices in the house were controlled by others.

“I decided to use my mother’s phone and put my SIM card in it. After that I started getting strange WhatsApp messages from my phone. I would get a message that my fan would stop, my TV would explode, and the electric meter would explode. Soon these things would happen. My father Rajan is an electrician. He checked our devices but found nothing.

We changed the wiring. But the scary incidents didn’t stop,” Sajitha said. On November 8, she contacted the Cyber ​​Department of the Kottarakkara Police Department. However, officials refused to register a case. She later approached the Kollam rural SP and Kodikunnil Suresh, MP. On Tuesday, the cyber police inspected the entire house. However, officers could not find anything suspicious. “I think something’s wrong when I’m in the house.

I don’t get these messages when I’m outside,” she added. Investigating officer Elias P. George said Sajitha’s and her mother’s phones were checked, but police found nothing suspicious. “We received a complaint. So far there is no evidence,” he said.

]]> Saudis celebrate after World Cup victory over Argentina | Sports https://rc-irk.net/saudis-celebrate-after-world-cup-victory-over-argentina-sports/ Tue, 22 Nov 2022 15:04:37 +0000 https://rc-irk.net/saudis-celebrate-after-world-cup-victory-over-argentina-sports/

LUSAIL, Qatar (AP) — Cheers followed the final whistle. Disbelief quickly set in.

Saudi Arabia, a team that has won just three World Cup matches in their history, just pulled off what might be the biggest upset in the tournament’s history.

They beat Argentina 2-1.

“One for the books,” said Saudi Arabia coach Hervé Renard. “This is football. Sometimes things are completely crazy.”

Goalkeeper Mohammed Alowais, who made two key saves on Tuesday at the Lusail Stadium north of Doha to salvage Tuesday’s victory, was almost subdued at the end and perhaps did not understand the extent of the surprise.

“I’m very happy about this result, which we were able to achieve against this very traditional team,” said Alowais solemnly. “We have prepared. We were 100% ready and we hope to get better results in the future. I thought we were particularly good in the last few minutes because we got our three points.”

Not just in the last few minutes. Despite trailing 1-0 at half-time after a 10th-minute goal from Lionel Messi, perhaps the greatest footballer of all time, Saleh Alshehri and Salem Aldawsari both managed to score early in the second half.

It then took more than 50 minutes, including overtime at the end of the game at the referee’s discretion, to keep one of the tournament favorites at bay.

“All the stars were on us,” said Renard, who won the Africa Cup of Nations with Zambia in 2012 and Ivory Coast in 2015.

Renard has also coached Angola and Morocco, whom he led to the 2018 World Cup in Russia. In 2019 he took over Saudi Arabia.

“We made history for Saudi football,” said Renard. “It will stay like this forever. That’s the most important. But we also have to think about looking ahead because we still have two games that are very, very difficult for us.”

Next, Saudi Arabia meet Poland on Saturday and Mexico next Tuesday in Group C.

AP World Cup Coverage: https://apnews.com/hub/world-cup and https://twitter.com/AP_Sports

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Near Kherson, workers at the orphanage hid Ukrainian children from Russian invaders https://rc-irk.net/near-kherson-workers-at-the-orphanage-hid-ukrainian-children-from-russian-invaders/ Mon, 21 Nov 2022 00:56:00 +0000 https://rc-irk.net/near-kherson-workers-at-the-orphanage-hid-ukrainian-children-from-russian-invaders/


STEPANIVKA, Ukraine — 15-year-old Katia recalls storming out of the orphanage just in time, minutes before the Russians arrived to pick up the other children.

It was October 19, and the occupiers of their village outside of Kherson were preparing to withdraw.

The Russians first showed up at the orphanage here months ago, in armored military vehicles with 15 children in tow – Ukrainian orphans they had whisked away from the village of Novopetrivka in the previously occupied Mykolaiv region, some 35 miles to the north.

The 15 children have lived here ever since, under the care of the orphanage’s director, Volodymyr Sahaidak, 61, and under the supervision of Russian soldiers.

But little did the Russians know that about a dozen other local children – including Katia – also lived in the same neighborhood. Every time the Russians came, the teachers hid the children in their rooms, Katia recalled, “for a nap.”

Now the teachers feared that the Russians would find these children and take them with them. So a small group of associates devised a secret plan to smuggle the children out and hide them in their own homes.

As Ukrainians liberate towns and villages previously occupied by Russian forces, residents have told numerous stories of Ukrainian children being taken away.

Where the children are ultimately taken – and the circumstances of their movements – are often difficult to confirm. But many of the children appear to be like Katia and her peers – orphans or children with learning disabilities who were already in public care. They are the youngest and most vulnerable Ukrainians, and the wartime has been particularly dangerous for them.

Happy ride: Cherson cheers when the first train arrives from Kyiv after the occupation

One of the orphanage’s teachers, Halyna Kulakovska, 44, had heard stories like this in the nearby city of Kherson, a regional capital that was occupied by the Russians in early March. Kulakovska said she heard about dozens of newborns being taken from a daycare center in the city and six college students being forcibly evacuated from their dormitories. Kulakovska would not do that to the children in her care.

Kulakovska and Sahaidak, the headmaster, helped most of the dozen or so Kherson children at their center reunite with relatives and family members. Only three children were left – Katia and two boys, Vlad, 16, and Misha, 9. The Washington Post identifies the children by their first names only to protect their privacy and security.

Katia, Vlad and Misha hid in a nurse’s house near the orphanage for eleven days. But as the Russians prepared to withdraw from the area, Kulakovska feared they might find out their whereabouts as they were still nearby. So she decided to take her to her own house in the city of Kherson.

“I didn’t have time to think about it,” Kulakovska said. “There is a Ukrainian wordtreba, that means: ‘You have to do it.’ I had to do it. I am responsible for the lives of these children… we had to protect them.”

Before the war began, 52 children lived in the Pink Orphanage, a center for social and psychological rehabilitation in the Cherson suburb of Stepanivka. In Ukraine, parents who feel unable to provide for their children physically or financially can place them in temporary state care.

At the beginning of the large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, many children were picked up by relatives. A few kids who were old enough managed to apply to colleges and go. But the remaining dozen students had to live with the noise of constant shelling just one village away.

Ukraine faces an uphill struggle to extend its victories on the battlefield

During a recent visit by Post journalists, a Lego set still lay on a table in one of the home’s common areas, right next to a broken window, marking a spot where an explosion had hurled shrapnel towards the orphanage. At that time six boys slept in the next room.

One of them was 9-year-old Misha, who recalled a teacher telling him to quickly drop to the floor.

“It was just a weird feeling,” he said. But he said he wasn’t afraid.

The boy’s father is imprisoned and his mother has died, his teacher said; although the 9-year-old appears to think his mother is still alive.

The children became so used to the sounds of explosions that they could tell when the shelling was close – and whether they could keep playing football or rush into it. But after the Russians moved into the city, the sky suddenly became calmer.

“They felt uncomfortable when it got quiet,” said one of their teachers.

Katia vividly remembers the day the soldiers arrived. Two Russians in military uniforms – one of them bald, with a beard – entered the center that day, together with the 15 children from the Mykolayiv region, their principal and her husband.

The children told them that they had lived in a basement for three months and that three girls from their facility had died after being hit by cluster munitions.

The Russians told the orphanage staff they had brought her to take her away from the front lines and to safer territory. When they arrived in Stepanivka, the children thought they were in Russia. They were scared, didn’t want to be hugged or touched, Kulakovska said.

“But as soon as they heard Ukrainian, they could relax,” said Tetiana Drobitko, 56, one of the orphanage teachers. The children watched cartoons for the first time in months. They played puzzles together with the Kherson children.

But whenever the Russians appeared, the Kherson children rushed to their rooms to hide.

One Monday, a Russian soldier entered their computer room and was furious to find a toy ship on which a teenager had scrawled a phrase containing an expletive popular in Ukraine at the beginning of the war: “Russian warship, go… yourself.”

In mid-October, as the Russians prepared to evacuate and expect a retreat from Kherson, Sahaidak said he knew he could not stop them from taking the Mykolaiv children with them. But at least they could try to prevent the local children from being taken away, he said.

The city of Kherson was still under Russian control when Kulakovska took the children to her apartment, which was directly across from a building where she knew Russians lived. So she gave them rules to follow: Always stay close to them when they leave the house. Never mention the orphanage. Avoid talking to strangers and if someone asks you, say that Kulakovska was your aunt. Even Kulakovska’s neighbors were told that the children were her nephews and niece.

Secret Cherson resistance fighters undermined the Russian occupying power

On November 12, the teacher and three children were walking in their neighborhood when they saw Ukrainian flags in the streets. Kherson was liberated.

For weeks, the teachers and children wondered what happened to the group from the Mykolaiv region. They assumed the children would end up in Crimea, which Russia illegally annexed in 2014.

During their trip, Sahaidak used the Telegram app to secretly keep in touch with the Mykolaiv children’s school principal, who was trying to find a way for the children to escape from the Russians. He also worked with an American volunteer to trace the whereabouts of the group. On Friday, he was stunned to hear from the principal that somehow she and her group had managed to get to Georgia.

Sahaidak declined to share further details, fearing it would jeopardize their safe return home. But he said he expected the children to return to Ukraine soon.

Sahaidak said he hoped the children would return here, to the orphanage they called home for months, where their clothes are kept in plastic bags.

“These are our children too,” he said.

]]> USA struggles with injuries, inaction ahead of World Cup opener | Sports https://rc-irk.net/usa-struggles-with-injuries-inaction-ahead-of-world-cup-opener-sports/ Sat, 19 Nov 2022 18:41:23 +0000 https://rc-irk.net/usa-struggles-with-injuries-inaction-ahead-of-world-cup-opener-sports/

DOHA, Qatar (AP) – A World Cup in the middle of the European season is not ideal, especially for the United States.

Injuries and inactivity run through the squad ahead of Monday’s game against Wales.

Weston McKennie, Sergiño Dest and Luca de la Torre missed time and Christian Pulisic and Matt Turner are among those fighting for game time at their clubs. Defensemen Walker Zimmerman and Aaron Long step into the Americans’ first World Cup game in eight years after being sidelined more than a month after their season in Major League Soccer ended.

On Thursday there was a friendly against Al-Gharafa, the Qatari club that hosts the American training base at Thani bin Jassim Stadium, but the level of intensity is likely to be exponentially higher against Wales.

“It’s going to be a dogfight,” McKennie said on Saturday. “When everyone’s running at full steam and fighting for each other and there’s little fights to be seen on the field and everyone’s just fired up and ready to go, those are the times when I think we’ve done our best.”

The Americans, who have not been on football’s biggest stage since the overtime loss to Belgium in the round of 16 in Brazil, bring a new squad into play – only right-back DeAndre Yedlin remains from 2014. FIFA put the average age of the Americans at 25.2 years is the second lowest among the 32 teams, higher than only Ghana’s 24.7.

With youth comes impermanence.

“Every athlete in every single sport has a day off,” McKennie said. “And football is such a team sport that even if a player has a day off, everything can be thrown around and we’ve all had a day off at some point. Of course we know when we get into the national team everyone wants us to be 100%, everyone wants us to be focused and everything we are. But at the same time, we’re human and we can make mistakes too, so I think these are the times when we haven’t gotten the results we might want and haven’t reached our full potential.”

McKennie last played for Juventus on October 29 due to a hamstring injury.

“I got in, spent a couple of days just maintaining it and keeping it under control,” McKennie said. “We played the friendly the other day and I felt good, ready to go.”

Dest, who is struggling with an adductor problem, has not played 90 minutes since October 5. He returned from injury to play 35 minutes for AC Milan on 13 November.

“I was a bit tired after the last game,” he said. “It’s going well at the moment. I’m ready to play.”

The US Football Association did not let the media follow the friendly match against Al-Gharafa.

“We took a lot from it defensively and offensively,” Long said. “Stopping the attacks was great. Obviously we’ve got a couple of goals in there, make the lads feel confident in front of the net.

Players expect Wales to play five behind. When asked about his ability to join the attack, Dest began to respond, then paused and said, “One second.” He paused to confer with McKennie, who was sitting next to him, and McKennie chuckled when his teammate whispered, obviously wanting to make sure he wasn’t giving too much away.

“We know Wales like to go forward, so they leave space,” Dest said. “I think we can exploit that, especially from the flanks, and whoever plays that position, right or left back, there’s a lot of space. “


Abdulrahman Al-Jassim of host Qatar will officiate the match and Abdullah Al-Marri will be the video assistant referee. Al-Jassim was the video assistant referee at the 2018 World Cup and worked on USA’s 1-0 win over Panama at the 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup.


Dest did not respond to criticism from former Netherlands international Rafael van der Vaart, who told Dutch TV channel Ziggo Sport: “He can be very good, but he always takes on too much. He thinks he’s a lot better than he is.”

“I know my skills. Of course I’ll improve and learn a few more things,” Dest replied. “I don’t know what he said.”

AP World Cup Coverage: https://apnews.com/hub/world-cup and https://twitter.com/AP_Sports

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Key Truth Social facts as Donald Trump is running for US President again https://rc-irk.net/key-truth-social-facts-as-donald-trump-is-running-for-us-president-again/ Fri, 18 Nov 2022 19:07:39 +0000 https://rc-irk.net/key-truth-social-facts-as-donald-trump-is-running-for-us-president-again/

This Pew Research Center analysis provides data on Truth Social as Donald Trump runs for President in 2024. It is based on a October 2022 center study which examined Truth Social and six other alternative social media sites – BitChute, Gab, Gettr, Parler, Rumble and Telegram – using a multi-method approach. Websites were included in the study if they had publicly available posts, were featured in news media, and had at least 500,000 unique visitors as of December 2021.

The survey portion of the study was conducted May 16-22, 2022 among 10,188 US adults. Everyone who took part in the survey is a member of the Pew Research Center’s American Trends Panel (ATP), an online survey panel recruited through national random sampling of residential addresses. In this way, almost all US adults have a chance to choose. The survey is weighted to be representative of the US adult population by gender, race, ethnicity, political party affiliation, education and other categories. Read more about the methodology of the ATP here. Respondents were asked about their familiarity with each of the seven social media sites surveyed. Those who said they had heard of these sites were also asked if they use the sites and receive messages there, what they think of them and more.

The range of sampling error for the full sample of 10,188 respondents is plus or minus 1.6 percentage points; the range of sampling error for the 587 alternative social media news consumers is plus or minus 7.0 percentage points; and the range of sampling error for consumers of 219 Truth Social News is plus or minus 11.9 percentage points.

The alternative social media site audit was originally conducted in April 2022. To conduct the analysis, a team of researchers was trained on a number of variables examining characteristics of each site, such as privacy and moderation policies. The researchers re-examined each page in August-September 2022 (Truth Social was also re-examined in November 2022) and updated the results with any changes.

The account content analysis examines a sample of 200 prominent accounts on each of the seven websites included in this analysis, for a total of 1,400 accounts examined. Celebrity accounts were selected from the 5% of accounts with the highest number of followers on each site. A team of trained researchers analyzed these 1,400 selected accounts to determine who runs the account, their political affiliations, values ​​and other characteristics. For more details on how accounts were identified and scanned see the methodology.

Post content analysis examines the topics discussed and sources cited in 585,470 posts published by the 1,400 selected accounts in June 2022 (only 1,147 of those accounts posted at least once during that month). Researchers used a set of unique keywords to identify posts on five different topics – abortion; Guns, Gun Control and Shootings; the January 6 attack on the US Capitol; LGBTQ issues; and vaccines. Researchers examined unique two- and three-word phrases commonly used in posts on each topic. The researchers then examined the unique domains linked in those posts to identify the types of sources those accounts used.

Here are the questions used in the study, detailed tablesand the methodology.

The Pew Research Center is a subsidiary of The Pew Charitable Trusts, its primary funder. This is the latest report in Pew Research Center’s ongoing investigation of the State of News, Information, and Journalism in the Digital Age, a research program funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts with generous support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

WhatsApp update means users can now message themselves https://rc-irk.net/whatsapp-update-means-users-can-now-message-themselves/ Thu, 17 Nov 2022 18:04:54 +0000 https://rc-irk.net/whatsapp-update-means-users-can-now-message-themselves/

(AFP via Getty Images)

WhatsApp will finally allow people to talk to someone they never could before: themselves.

On some platforms, messaging is a useful way to store or transfer information between devices. Some chat apps, like Slack, encourage having a conversation with yourself to take notes.

But others, including WhatsApp, haven’t let people talk to themselves at all. However, with a new update it will be possible.

With a new version of the app for iOS and Android, users can now start a conversation with themselves. The feature is rolling out slowly and may not be available to everyone just yet, but should be available automatically.

When it’s available, users can start a new chat and see themselves listed at the top of the screen, along with a message prompting people to message themselves. It is available in iOS version and Android version

Sending yourself a message can be a useful way to jot down information without leaving the chat app, for example. It can also be a useful way to transfer information or files from one device to another as many chat apps including WhatsApp can be used on different platforms.

For example, if someone sends a picture from their cell phone, it will be available on the web version of WhatsApp for use there.

WhatsApp recently added improvements to the feature that allows users to sign in on other devices. Newer versions of the app allow users to use the same account on multiple devices, where they stay signed in – where previously other versions of the app simply mirrored the phone and required it to stay powered on.

Until now, it was only possible to write yourself on WhatsApp with complicated workarounds. The easiest way was to create a group and then kick out other people who were in it – which could be annoying for everyone else involved.

Wednesday’s sport in a nutshell | Sports https://rc-irk.net/wednesdays-sport-in-a-nutshell-sports/ Thu, 17 Nov 2022 06:26:59 +0000 https://rc-irk.net/wednesdays-sport-in-a-nutshell-sports/


HOUSTON (AP) – Houston’s Justin Verlander and Miami’s Sandy Alcantara were unanimously selected for the Cy Young Award.

It is the second time that winners in both leagues have been unanimous since the award began in 1956, following Detroit’s Denny McLain in the American League and St. Louis’ Bob Gibson in the National League in 1968.

The 39-year-old Verlander, who also won the AL Award in 2019 after winning both MVP and Cy Young in 2011, is the 11th player to win it three times. Also in 2011 he won unanimously.

Verlander led the majors with a 1.75 ERA — the lowest of his 17-year career — after missing almost all of the previous two seasons while recovering from Tommy John’s surgery. He is the fourth AL pitcher with two unanimous wins after Roger Clemens (1986, 1998), Pedro Martinez (1999, 2000) and Johan Santana (2004, 2006).

Verander led the Astros to the best record in the AL, and while the postseason doesn’t count for the award, he clinched his first World Series win of his career in Game 5, as Houston beat Philadelphia in six games.

Alcantara had a 2.28 ERA while he was the major league-best with 228 2/3 innings and six competitive games. It’s the first Cy Young for the 27-year-old from the Dominican Republic, who becomes the first Marlins player to receive this honor.

ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) — All-Star left-hander Tyler Anderson is moving through Los Angeles, leaving the Dodgers on a three-year, $39 million deal with the Angels.

The 32-year-old is enjoying the best season of his major league career, going 15-5, 2.57 ERA for the Dodgers with 111 wins and a field selection that includes one of the best changes in the majors.

SEATTLE (AP) — The Seattle Mariners made one of the first big moves of the offseason by acquiring outfielder Teoscar Hernández from the Toronto Blue Jays for right-hander Erik Swanson and minor league left left Adam Macko.

Hernandez hit .267 with 25 home runs and 77 RBIs in 131 games last season. He was an All-Star starter in 2021 and finished that season on a .296 with 32 homers and 116 RBIs.


CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) — Virginia canceled its scheduled home soccer game Saturday against No. 23 Coastal Carolina after a campus shootout over the weekend that killed three players and injured another.

The school said it has not yet decided whether the Cavaliers will play their traditional final game of the regular season at Virginia Tech on Nov. 26.

A former player, Christopher Darnell Jones Jr., is accused of opening fire on a bus returning from a field trip Sunday night and killing starting wide receiver Lavel Davis Jr., reserve wide receiver Devin Chandler and the Killing linebacker D’Sean Perry. Jones, who faces three counts of second-degree murder, two counts of malicious wounding and additional weapons-related charges, is being held without bail.


Virginia wants to host Coastal Carolina after a tragedy

BEREA, Ohio (AP) — Deshaun Watson trained with the Cleveland Browns for the first time since his 11-game NFL suspension began in August.

Watson, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by more than two dozen women in Texas, returned to the field with his teammates for the first time since Aug. 30, 12 days after the three-time Pro Bowl quarterback reached a settlement with the league. Agreeing to his multi-game ban, a $5 million fine, and treatment and counseling.

As long as he meets the requirements, Watson can play on December 4 when the Browns visit Houston, which drafted him in 2017. Watson spent four seasons with the Texans before demanding a trade and eventually being traded to Cleveland in March for a series of draft picks, including three first-rounders.

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. (AP) – Quarterback Matthew Stafford is expected to play for the Los Angeles Rams this weekend after missing a game in the NFL’s concussion protocol.

Stafford participated fully in practice Wednesday and the Super Bowl-winning veteran is on track to get out of protocol in time to play in New Orleans on Sunday, coach Sean McVay said.

Stafford sat out the Rams’ 27-17 loss to Arizona last Sunday. He entered the record two days after losing at Tampa Bay the previous week.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — A judge has dismissed NFL kicker Josh Lambo’s lawsuit against the Jacksonville Jaguars, in which Lambo sought wages and damages for emotional distress caused by former head coach Urban Meyer.

Judge Gilbert Feltel Jr. of the Florida 4th Circuit Court in Duval County dismissed the lawsuit November 8 with prejudice. He gave Lambo 21 days to amend and re-file the complaint. Lambo’s attorney, Betsy Brown, said Wednesday she intends to do so.


CANBERRA, Australia (AP) – The Australian government confirmed on Thursday that Novak Djokovic had been granted a visa to attend the Australian Open in January a year after his deportation over his stance against the COVID-19 vaccination.

The 21-time Grand Slam singles champion had his visa revoked on January 14 on grounds of public interest and lost an appeal against deportation in the Supreme Court. The 35-year-old from Serbia is set to compete at the Australian Open, which takes place in Melbourne from January 16-29.

Djokovic is playing at the ATP Finals in Turin, Italy this week and said he was briefed on the Australian government’s decision on Tuesday.


NEW YORK — New York Mayor Eric Adams announced plans for a 25,000-seat stadium for Major League Soccer’s New York City Football Club on an underdeveloped lot next to the home of the New York Mets.

The $780 million stadium, slated to open in 2027 in the borough of Queens known as Willets Point, will anchor a 23-acre redevelopment project that will also include 2,500 units of affordable housing, a new public school and a hotel, said Officer. NYCFC has played most of its home games at Yankee Stadium since joining the league in 2015.

Messaging app Rakuten Viber is laying off 45 employees, 8% of the team https://rc-irk.net/messaging-app-rakuten-viber-is-laying-off-45-employees-8-of-the-team/ Tue, 15 Nov 2022 17:22:00 +0000 https://rc-irk.net/messaging-app-rakuten-viber-is-laying-off-45-employees-8-of-the-team/

Instant messaging app Rakuten Viber, which has 250 million users worldwide, has laid off 45 employees, accounting for 8% of the workforce. Around 20 of those released are based in Israel. The company employs 550 people worldwide and is making significant cuts for the first time since it was founded 12 years ago.

“Viber is realigning the business to invest and focus on developing its fintech and utility products and services. Following the launch of Viber’s payment capabilities in July 2022, the company’s business strategy is evolving in tandem with its ongoing product innovation,” the company said in a statement.

“Viber has made the difficult but significant decision to reduce its global workforce by 8% to reflect the shift in focus and changing market conditions. The strategic focus puts Viber on an exciting path to become more than just a messaging app as a real resource offering a wide range of services to its users. Viber thanks each team member who played a valuable role in getting Viber to where it is today. Our leadership team is working to ensure affected employees have the support they need to make their transition as smooth as possible.”

Viber has 250 million monthly users mostly from Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

]]> WhatsApp’s companion mode beta allows you to link your account to multiple phones https://rc-irk.net/whatsapps-companion-mode-beta-allows-you-to-link-your-account-to-multiple-phones/ Mon, 14 Nov 2022 19:13:07 +0000 https://rc-irk.net/whatsapps-companion-mode-beta-allows-you-to-link-your-account-to-multiple-phones/

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority


  • WhatsApp users on Android can try a beta version of companion mode.
  • The mode allows users to link up to four Android phones to their primary account.
  • The beta also allows users to link an Android tablet.

WhatsApp’s companion mode has started to be rolled out to Android mobile phones in the form of a beta version. The feature allows Android users to connect multiple phones and/or an Android tablet to their primary accounts.

In its latest beta – version – WhatsApp brings companion mode to Android phones WABetaInfo. This feature allows users to link their primary account to up to four Android phones. Any device connected via companion mode gets access to all regular WhatsApp features and message encryption.

In addition to support for Android mobile devices, the beta will also bring support for Android tablets. However, unlike the support for multiple phones, you can only link one tablet.

At the moment, companion mode only seems to be available for some of the beta testers who have installed the latest update from the Play Store. However, the feature is expected to roll out to more users in the coming weeks. If you’re one of the lucky few who have access to Companion Mode, you can find it in the Settings menu under the Devices section.

However, before they can use companion mode, users must first enable it. To do this, go to the options menu on the registration screen and select “Link device” from the drop-down menu.

Just earlier this month, WhatsApp also started rolling out its Communities feature. Communities should be available to everyone in the next few months.