Framed Answer August 8: Notes on framed film and today’s answer

If you’re not a fan of the hit games Wordle or Heardle, maybe try the movie spin-off Framed.

Described as a game for “cinephiles and casual movie viewers alike,” it’s inspired by the trivia games popular around the world.

The game sees a new movie every day from a curated list, all sourced through ShotDeck.

Here’s how to play the game, plus the clues for the August 8th movie and the ultimate answer if you eventually give up.

Get a hint for today’s Framed. (Canvas)

How to play framed

In the daily online game, people try to guess what the movie is about by seeing images of scenes from the movie.

Each clue makes it easier to work out the movie, and you get five guesses in total, similar to Worlde.

“Use the image provided to guess the name of the movie.

If you guess wrong, a new frame from the film will be revealed.”

Framed also tracks how many games you play, your wins and win rates, and your current and highest streak.

Here you can play framed.

Boxed notes from August 8th:

If the August 8 movie is going to give you a bit of a headache, we’ve included some subtle hints to jog your memory without giving away the whole game.

  • It was released in 1984
  • The film title is one word
  • Directed by Milos Forman
  • It is listed as part of the Drama/Musical genre

What is today’s boxed answer: August 8th?

If you’ve given up today’s game, then we can spare you the misery.

But those still trying to crack the film are looking the other way now.

The framed for August 8 reads: Amadeus

Play the game through the Framed website.

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