HalloApp from the former WhatsApp manager is an ad-free, private social network

HalloApp from Neeraj Arora, former global head of WhatsApp Business, promises a new type of social network that will allow users to connect with the family and friends who matter most. All of this without the intrusion of advertising, influencers and the promise of privacy. Arora’s HalloApp is currently available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Arora also tried to explain the reasons for launching the app on a Twitter thread and how it will differ from other social networks. “Today, social media is a digital shopping center. Flashing red notifications. Infinitely scrolling feeds. Show. Bots. Likes. Pendant. Influencer. Instead of developing tools to bring people together, these tools have torn people apart, “he wrote on Twitter in a long thread, adding,” Where should we have real conversations with real people, digitally: on social platforms or direct messaging. Apps? ? “

HalloApp is also trying to take into account the privacy concerns that have become a big issue lately. According to Arora, “No matter where we look for privacy, someone always seems to be ‘listening’. That way, no trust is built up or real relationships are fostered. ”The app has integrated messaging and the chat function is end-to-end encrypted as standard. This ensures that no one else can read conversations in the app, not even the makers of HalloApp.

He also wrote, “For years I have felt this is a problem. So much so that I stopped sharing important moments online. Algorithms made it impossible to reach those who were closest to me (they didn’t even see my posts). “

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What is HalloApp, how is it different?

HalloApp is a social network with a focus on real friends. The idea is that the feed here is filled with “people and posts” that are important to the user instead of naming influencers or articles. It also eliminates the idea that algorithms decide what people see on their feed. This is typically high engagement content or content that a user tends to interact with more.

According to Arora, users can scroll through “meaningful moments” and see what they wanted to see instead of the algorithm dictating. However, it should be noted that HalloApp relies on your phone’s contact book to display posts from those it designates to be your friends. This may not always be the most accurate way to go as not everyone in our phone’s address book is a meaningful contact.

The HalloApp is also ad-free and has no bots, likes or followers. Like and followers are usually the core functions on most social platforms, be it Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. The end-to-end encrypted chats are also an important feature of the app, as the focus is on data protection.

On the HalloApp website, Arora wrote: “Unlike older social networks, we believe that privacy is a basic human right. HalloApp uses your phone address book to connect you to the real relationships in your life and that’s it. In addition, we never collect, store or use personal data (we have no idea where you live, what you do for a living, or how likely you are to consume a certain type of content). More importantly, we never show you ads. Ever. Instead, we plan to offer additional functions at a low cost at some point. “

The app remains ad-free, and it looks like this could at some point be a paid social network, with some features available at an additional cost.

How do I register for HalloApp?

Signing up for HalloApp is a very simple process. All you have to do is enter your name and mobile number. In addition, a One Time Password (OTP) must be entered, which will be sent to the mobile number with which you log in. In order to find others on the platform, one must grant access to contacts.

The Home tab shows posts, photos, etc. that have been shared by friends. The Group tab allows users to create group chats, while chats are intended for individual chats. You can invite friends to the platform. You can also comment on their posts or choose the reply option used in individual chats.

There is no way to like or follow a post. Users can block others on the platform at any time. You also cannot link the HalloApp account to other social media platforms, which is expected as it is touted as a privacy-centric platform.

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