How to delete messages in Facebook Messenger

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If you don’t want to keep a single chat or an entire chat on your Facebook Messenger, the company allows you to delete one or all of your messages at once. Here’s how to do it on your desktop and mobile.

Warning: Your deleted messages cannot be recovered, so make sure you really want to get rid of your messages.

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Delete Facebook Messenger messages on desktop

If you’re using a desktop computer such as Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook, use the Facebook website to delete any or all messages from your account.

First, launch a web browser on your computer and access Facebook. Sign in to your account on the site if you haven’t already.

Then click on the “Messenger” icon in the top right corner of Facebook.

At the bottom of the Messenger panel, click See All in Messenger.


You can see all your conversations in the Chats sidebar on the left. Select the chat in which you want to delete messages.

In the right pane, find the individual message that you want to delete. Then hover over this message, click on the three dots and select “Remove”.


If you selected the other participant’s message and not yours, a “Remove for you” window will appear. To remove the message from your chat history, click Remove here. The other party still has access to this message.


If you selected your own message, the question “Who do you want to remove this message for?” will appear. Window. In this window, if you want to remove the message for both you and the recipient, click Unsend For Everyone. To remove the message from your own chat history only, select Remove for you.

Then click “Remove” in the lower right corner of the window and your message will be deleted.

Pick an option and choose

If you want to delete an entire conversation, locate that conversation in the left sidebar.

Hover over this chat, click on the three dots and select “Delete Chat”.


In the prompt, click Delete Chat.

Warning: You can’t recover your deleted chat, so make sure you’re okay with losing it forever.


And Facebook will permanently delete your selected chat. You’re done.

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Remove Facebook Messenger messages on mobile devices

On your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, use the Messenger app to delete your individual messages or entire chats.

First, launch Facebook Messenger on your phone. In the app, tap the conversation you want to remove messages from.

On the conversations page, tap and hold the message you want to remove. When you have selected the other party’s message, select More > Remove in the menu that opens. The message will be deleted on your end, but the other party can still access it.


If you selected your own message, tap Remove. To delete the message from everyone involved in the chat, select Unsend. To remove the message from your own chat history only, select Remove for you.

Select a removal option.

You can also delete entire chats with someone. To do this, tap and hold the chat you want to delete in Messenger. Then select “Delete” from the menu that opens.


At the prompt, tap Delete.

Warning: You can’t recover your deleted messages, so make sure you really don’t want to keep them.


And you have successfully deleted your messages from Facebook Messenger. Enjoy!

Similarly, you can turn off Facebook Messenger if you don’t plan to use it in the near future.

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