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If you are concerned about someone else reading your Viber messages without your permission, then you can hide the chats. This is a security feature in Viber that goes beyond the normal permissions you may have set on your device, such as: B. PIN, password, Face ID and Touch ID. Let’s face it, there are few Viber messages that are just for you, and hiding it is one of the best ways to keep chats private. Hiding and showing chats in Viber is a great way to ensure that messages that might remain private stay private as you don’t have to log into the app every time you want to use it. This guide will teach you how to hide and rediscover Viber chats and how to show hidden chats in Viber.

All people are concerned about their privacy. Many of us even set the lock (PIN, pattern, Touch ID, Face ID) to prevent unauthorized access to our phone. Sometimes friends and family ask us to use our phone, but we don’t know what to do with it. It’s really annoying when you try to view personal messages / chats on Viber while using our iOS or Android smartphone. There are some messages that we want to keep or hide, personally, that we shouldn’t see anyone on Viber. Viber is a messaging app that we all know, and many of us even use this app.

We all know that you don’t need to register to sign in to this messaging app. In fact, many of us like this because we don’t have to keep entering our username and password. But sometimes this simple opening of Viber can lead to a big problem. Today I will show you how to hide and show messages / chats in Viber on iOS and Android and how to find hidden messages / chats.

Steps to hide a chat on Viber

  • Open your Viber app, then open the chat that you want to hide.
  • At the top, tap the person’s name. This will open a menu for chat.
  • Scroll down the menu and tap “Hide this chat”.
  • The first time you hide a chat, you’ll need to set a pin for your hidden chats. The pin is the same for all of your hidden chats.
  • Please note that you cannot restore your hidden chats if you forget your PIN. You can reset your PIN, but your hidden chats with the old PIN will be deleted.
  • Tap on “Set Pin”
  • Enter the desired PIN and enter it again to confirm.
  • Tap OK.
  • Your chat is now hidden and has disappeared from your chat screen.

Final words: how to hide a chat on Viber

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