How to read deleted messages with ease

WhatsApp‘s delete feature made it possible to delete sent messages from the sender’s device as long as the message is no longer than 60 minutes. As convenient as the feature is, there are workarounds that a recipient can still see deleted messages. Today we’re going to show you one such workaround, which is via an app called. works WAMR: Recover deleted messages and status download

The app allows you to recover messages that a sender may have deleted before reading them, as well as download status updates from WhatsApp. This is how the app works and how you can recover deleted messages.

How to use WAMR

To install the app, download it from the Google Play Store and set it up. You need to select the apps you want the tool to collect notifications from, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Instagram. Once that’s done, the app will ask you for the number of permissions to collect notifications.

See how the WAMR app works to capture and view deleted messages. (Express photo)

Once everything is set up, you can find all incoming notifications, including the deleted ones, in the WAMR UI. If you have activated automatic download for media files, the app can also retrieve them for you. Once WAMR starts capturing, any deleted message can be viewed in the app’s UI, categorized by individual chat window, just like the main WhatsApp screen.

This is how the app works

In order to view deleted messages, WAMR needs access to your notifications. Granting notification access will allow the app to recover deleted messages without attempting to log into your WhatsApp account, which risks locking the account itself.

Basically, once you’ve granted notification access, the app can keep an eye out for incoming notifications and anything that has been sent to your phone via WhatsApp will be tracked. Even if something has been deleted by the sender, once captured, the app will use its cached data to show you deleted messages.

WAMR can also save deleted media files including photos that are still visible after being deleted by the sender. However, this feature requires that automatic media download be enabled on your device. Note that WAMR cannot capture messages for which you are not notified because it works by capturing incoming notifications on your phone. This also includes individual or group chats that you have muted on WhatsApp. The app cannot therefore retrieve deleted messages before installation.

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