How to Send Disappearing Messages on Messenger of 2022 [May]

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Check how to send disappearing messages in messenger

During a conversation, you may need to send confidential messages to another person. This can be an OTP, credentials, private media or files. Facebook Messenger is probably the last major messaging app to integrate the disappearing messages feature into their mobile apps. How to Send Disappearing Messages on Facebook Messenger. Have you ever used disappearing ink to send messages to your friends so you don’t have to worry about your secret getting out? That’s exactly what Facebook Messenger’s self-destructive messages do with the text and photos or videos you send from your device.

Also known as short-lived messages, these messages ensure that any content you send is deleted within minutes or seconds of consumption. This happens on both devices and system servers, with no permanent records of the saved conversation. Various technologies such as encryption and strong password locks are used together to send, encrypt, receive and destroy text, photos or videos and other attachments. Self-destruct messages are particularly attractive and popular among the younger generation, but are also used by adults for privacy purposes.

Other positive use cases include whistleblowing or communicating about sensitive matters such as B. Disciplinary or criminal matters. You can also use it to prevent eavesdroppers from reading messages they shouldn’t be reading or during emotionally charged moments, like B. Spouse disputes when it’s easy to send nasty text messages that can be used against you. Nothing prevents the recipient from taking a screenshot or external copy of their screen while viewing the message. So there’s no guarantee the message wasn’t recorded, but you get almost 100% privacy.

How to Send Disappearing Messages in Messenger

  • Go to the Google Play Store. Then update the messaging app from there.
  • Then go to the user’s profile and click on the name. Step 3: You have to select Secret Conversation option. Step 4: A chat panel will open. Just write the message from there.
  • You must select the Secret Conversation written option.
  • A chat panel will open. Just write the message from there.
  • Then you can easily set the duration of the timer.
  • You will see the message will be gone automatically in the time you set in the timer.

Final Words: How to Send Disappearing Messages in Messenger

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