How to use iOS 15’s voice isolation and portrait mode on WhatsApp calls

Apple has announced several new features with the latest operating system update. Some of the most talked about iOS 15 features include voice isolation and portrait mode on FaceTime calls. These features improve the video and voice calling experience. Interestingly, these functions are now being expanded to include WhatsApp as well. In this tutorial, I will show you how to use voice isolation and portrait mode in WhatsApp voice and video calls.

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Use voice isolation and portrait mode in WhatsApp calls

Voice isolation, as the name suggests, works like noise suppression. There is another microphone mode – Wide Spectrum that works exactly opposite. So if you are using iOS 15 you can also use these features in WhatsApp calls. Follow the steps below.

Use voice isolation in WhatsApp

You can use the microphone’s voice isolation and broad spectrum modes during WhatsApp voice calls. Follow these steps:

1. Start a voice or video call on WhatsApp.

2. Open the Control Center.

3. And here you can see “Mic Mode” above.

4. Tap on it and depending on your environment, you can choose “Voice Isolation” or “Wide Spectrum” from the given menu.

Here’s how you can use the Voice Isolation feature during WhatsApp voice or video calls when you are in a noisy environment.

Use portrait mode in WhatsApp

For WhatsApp video calls, not only can you use portrait mode, but you can also use voice isolation as well as wide spectrum mode for the microphone. To enable these modes in video calls:

1. Start a video call on WhatsApp.

2. Now open the Control Center by swiping down.

3. This time, next to the microphone mode, you’ll also see the Effects button at the top.

4. Tap on it and then select “Portrait” on the next page.

That’s all. Your background in the video call is blurred.

As with voice calls, you can choose from the two microphone modes – Voice Isolation or Wide Spectrum.

Here’s how you can use iOS 15’s voice isolation and portrait mode features on WhatsApp calls too. For more iOS 15 tips and tricks, visit social media.

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