How Ukrainians texted and called in 2021: Viber statistics

The most popular ways of Ukrainians to communicate in Viber in 2021/channel 24

Rakuten, which develops the Viber messenger, has published the results of using its product in Ukraine in 2021. The application maintains its leading position in our market.

2021 in the review of Rakuten Viber in Ukraine it is 3100 messages and more than 200 calls per second, correspondence in group chats and the proliferation of chatbots.

Viber Statistics

  • In 2021, Ukrainians sent 97.5 billion messages via Viber.
  • That’s about 3,100 messages per second.
  • The number of messages has increased by 11% compared to 2020.
  • Ukrainians sent the most messages on popular holidays: New Year’s Eve and March 8th.
  • In general, about 20% of all Viber messages are sent in Ukraine, making the country one of the key countries for the messenger.

According to the company for the year in Ukraine

more than 6.7 billion calls were made, i.e. more than 200 calls per second. The number of calls in Ukraine increased by 11.5% compared to 2020. The peak dates when Ukrainians called each other more often were New Year’s Day and March 8, as in the case of news.

group chats, which Viber is known for in Ukraine, brought together nearly 19 million subscribers in 2021. This means that two-thirds of all smartphone users in Ukraine have participated in at least one Viber group chat.

Record holders of the year include sticker: Over the year, Ukrainians sent more than 3.8 billion stickers through Viber. That’s 13% more than in 2020. Chatbots have grown the most at 27% compared to 2020.

In addition, Rakuten shared Viber usage statistics for their AR masks. This is a new feature in Messenger that was released in Ukraine in October. Since then, Ukrainians have taken a photo or video with Viber AR masks more than 14 million times.

Which Viber masks will be the most popular in Ukraine in 2021? “Endless Table” – a masque where the user has to catch nut dumplings, meatballs and other homemade dishes has become the most popular mask in Ukraine. Second place went to the “Tiger” mask, which was developed in cooperation with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). In the third line – a mask with Santa Claus – she reached the top during the New Year holidays.

This year, Ukrainians have continued to limit face-to-face contacts due to the pandemic, so Viber has helped make online communications lively and emotional. Ukrainians send more than 30% of all messages on Viber with pictures, stickers and videos. People are looking for emotional and fun ways to keep in touch with each other, whether it’s a greeting to a friend wearing a tiger mask or a masked photo with a funny hat for mom saying, “Mom, I ate with a hat on.” Last year we added new useful functions for communication, there will be more of them in 2022; it means more fun ways to express yourself and say hello in the most personal way,
says Atanas Raikov, EMENA Senior Director at Rakuten Viber.

How Ukrainians texted and called in 2021: Viber statistics

Most popular ways of communicating with Ukrainians in Viber 2021/Photo Viber

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