Is Nash Racela’s firing the answer to Blackwater’s troubles? Nope

CHICAGO – The historic losing streak reached 19 games and was only temporarily halted when Blackwater was graciously eliminated from the PBA Philippine Cup Semi-Bubble in Bacolor, Pampanga.

Not long after the bloodbath, the crime scene revealed that the chalk outlines of the defeated victim belonged to trainer Nash Racela.

Reportedly “surprised” by the sudden shift, according to colleague Gerry Ramos of, Racela has not yet commented on his “firing,” which is now an adjusted euphemism for getting fired.

But what should you say when you are Racela?

The poor guy was blindly hired to drive a bad car and then slipped under when the drive got too bumpy and ridiculous.


If there is any consolation, his contract, which sources say is worth about 100,000 to 150,000 pesos a month for the remainder of the year, will still be paid for or bought out depending on the clause.

Hopefully this will help him until he finds the nearest sideline to roam around.

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In the meantime. It’s only a matter of time before Blackwater Bossing loses more games.

I may be wrong, but the problem here isn’t the coaching.

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Brothers Deoceldo and Silliman Sy are wonderful people, gifted with a kind heart and astute business acumen. They turned a modest sum of money into a serious pile of cash that enabled them to acquire a PBA franchise.

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But can you lead a team?

They definitely can, as their outstanding success in the Philippine Basketball League (PBL) shows. But the PBA is much deeper water with currents and other hazards to wade into.

“They keep saying they want to win, but their player movements / trades have made their team weak,” said a former head coach and team manager.


Overall, according to the unreliable PBA official website, the Bossings shoot only 28.2 percent from the field and 10.8 percent from 3.

In fact, these numbers are incorrect as 224 shots out of 606 attempts is 36.9 percent while 56 3s out of 250 attempts is 22.4 percent.

But as I’ve tweeted so many times, the league website is also arithmetically challenged.

Either way, the stats of bossing are broken, a type of feat that has closed eyes and added the 11 losses in this conference to the eight losses previously stacked in the previous conference.

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You’re on a sturdy budget and ready to spend on top notch players. The problem is, “they trade them as soon as they have signed maximum contracts,” he added.

A reporter and podcast host who requested anonymity to protect his employment also told me that, citing Ray Parks and Poy Erram on their list, Bossing’s management keeps making “one bad deal after another, it’s mystifying” .


The team responsibility is solid, five stars. The leak, it seems, is the way the basketball operations are managed.

No disrespect to the Sy siblings, but they could use a good basketball mind like an Alfranchis Chua. Say what you want about Chua, but the much maligned and underrated Kingmaker has led SMC teams to countless titles in a stellar run of sustained excellence.

Chua is taken, but there is someone out there who is exceptional and world class. In fact, Blackwater and other godforsaken teams like Terrafirma should get this gentleman’s email, cellphone, Viber, and WhatsUp phone numbers.

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He would turn her sad state around in the blink of an eye. More on that in the coming week.

Meanwhile, a capable and decent man is out of work. A victim of his circumstances, not his abilities.

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