It is possible to receive WhatsApp messages with the mobile phone switched off, here we inform you

Send and receive WhatsApp messages without relying on a mobile phone (Photo: EFE / Marcelo Sayão / file)

The WhatsApp It has become one of the most important means of communication, however many unexpected events can occur, such as: Communication channel.

Since contact with friends, family and colleagues has become indispensable, it is imperative that you are always available even if you have problems with your mobile phone.

So, below we leave a way Keep receiving and sending messages via WhatsApp even if you run out of mobile data, stacks or stopped working.

The ability to continue receiving and sending messages with all contacts is through an application WhastApp web or the Outlet However, WhatsApp Web must first make some adjustments, otherwise it will not be possible.

A cell phone is no longer required to stay in touch via WhatsApp (Image: Archive)

First you need to activate a file Trial version of WhatsApp from the application, so the mobile phone only needs to be active and working at this point in time. The following steps are:

Open the WhatsApp application on the phone.

Select the upper left tab for Options.

Select the associated devices.

Activate the trial version.

– Accept the terms.

-One wayQR code scanning web laughing session in the usual way. The platform will notify you immediately that the change was successful.

WhatsApp web start screen with new multi-device functionality (Image: screenshot)
WhatsApp web start screen with new multi-device functionality (Image: screenshot)

When activated, it doesn’t matter what happens to the cell phone because the session from the web remains open and available to receive and send messages at any time as long as the computer has a stable internet connection.

that it trick It will be very useful for those who forget files Cell phone, mobile phone At home or to prevent unexpected events and it is necessary to check WhatsApp chats.

Originally that option was released to have you Open session on up to four devices linked while maintaining end-to-end information encryption. Of course, you can only associate one phone with one account The WhatsApp At the same time.

“If you take part in the multi-device beta, you can use your paired devices without having to plug in your phone. Your personal messages, multimedia files and calls are end-to-end encrypted, ”he says. Help center from the messaging platform.

WhatsApp Beta can be very useful (Image: Cuartoscuro)
WhatsApp Beta can be very useful (Image: Cuartoscuro)

It should be noted that it should not be used WhatsApp on the phone Paired devices are disconnected for more than 14 days.

Currently, the beta version is available for those using the latest version of the apps The WhatsApp NS WhatsApp Business and Android or iPhone.

While it has many advantages, it should be noted that it has some limitations; They are as follows:

The WhatsApp messaging app made the beta available as an option (Image: Europa Press)
The WhatsApp messaging app made the beta available as an option (Image: Europa Press)

– You cannot empty or delete chats on paired devices if the primary device is an iPhone.

You cannot send messages or call contacts who are using a very old version of WhatsApp on their phone.

– It cannot be used in tablets.

– You cannot see the real-time location on paired devices.

-You cannot create or view broadcast lists on paired devices.

That’s great beta There is an optional WhatsApp software for different devices that allows access to chats in different places without relying on the mobile phone and keeps the personal messages, multimedia files and calls of the users safe.

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