Loving WhatsApp texts presented in the trial against Guan Eng

KUALA LUMPUR: Several WhatsApp exchanges between two people allegedly linked to Lim Guan Eng were raised in the transplant trial against the former Prime Minister of Penang.

The Kuala Lumpur trial court was informed of this exchange, which ranged from alleged meetings with Lim to personal and affectionate messages to each other.

The phone messages of businessman G. Gnanaraja were passed between him and the senior director of the Zenith Construction Sdn Bhd Consortium, Datuk Zarul Ahmad Mohd Zulkifli, and Wan Mohd Firdaus Wan Yusof, the eighth witness in Lim’s transplant trial.

“Excellent sir. I bring your chocolate. East? ”Read a message from Gnanaraja to Zarul Ahmad on August 18, 2017.

“Aiyoo, sir, PM wanted to destroy my tunnel project and Tony Pua knocked it back.

“The Prime Minister gives Rahman Dahlan an excuse to continue attacking,” wrote Zarul Ahmad to Gnanaraja, with a news article attached to the message about the Penang tunnel project.

In another message dated August 20, 2017, Zarul Ahmad told Gnanaraja that “CM called me and he (sic) is looking for the earliest time to come to your home”.

Gnanaraja’s wife K. Geethanjali had previously testified at the trial that Lim and Zarul Ahmad had visited their house in the early hours of the morning in August 2017.

In another message dated August 28, Zarul Ahmad said to Gnanaraja: “Sir, I am waiting for him near Tropicana. Its function is still running. “

Shortly before midnight, Zarul sent Ahmad Gnanaraja another message saying, “Sir, he has just texted me. He says another hour. Do you agree, sir. “

On August 29, 2017 at 12:52 pm he sent Gnanaraja another message: “We are OTW, sir.”

Wan Mohd Firdaus read out further conversations between the two of them during cross-examination of defense attorney Gobind Singh Deo.

“I love you Dato. You are always on my mind. I will take care of anyone who disturbs you, Dato, “said Zarul Ahmad, and Gnanaraja replied,” I am so grateful, sir. I will make you a star that shines brightly in the closet. ”In another message, Zarul Ahmad said to Gnanaraja:“ Ada is important news. Tomorrow I’ll talk to you Dato tomorrow morning. I love you, my dearest Dato ”, and Gnanaraja replies,“ Okay, sir. I love you too, sir. ”The case will continue on November 1st.

60-year-old Lim faces four corruption allegations over the construction of an underwater tunnel and a project with paired roads in Penang.

In the first amended indictment, the Bagan MP is charged with using his position as then Prime Minister of Penang to corrupt RM 3.3 million to help Zarul Ahmad’s company complete the Penang project worth 6,341. 383,702 RM secure.

The crime is believed to have been committed between January 2011 and August 2017 in the office of the Prime Minister of Penang.

For the second amended indictment, Lim is charged with soliciting 10% of Zarul Ahmad’s profits to help the company get appointments for the same project.

Lim is charged with the commission of the crime near the Gardens Hotel, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City here in March 2011.

The former Treasury Secretary has also been faced with two plots of land owned by the Penang government valued at RM 208.8 million being sold by the developer in connection with the underwater tunnel project.

The crimes were allegedly committed on February 17, 2015 and March 22, 2017 in the Penang Land and Mines Office, Komtar.

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