Manik Bhattacharya: “List approved DD”, two mysterious names in Manik’s WhatsApp ChatNews WAALI

Calcutta: After the arrest of Manik Bhattacharya, the ED now wants to get to the bottom of recruitment corruption. He will appear in court on Tuesday. Former Council President Manik Bhattacharya has already been questioned on the matter. According to ED sources, the conversation recovered from Manik’s cell phone includes two mystery names. Abbreviations of names like DD and RK.

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ED confiscated Manik’s cell phone after arresting him. According to sources, the WhatsApp conversation was removed from this cellphone. There, Manik spoke to someone named RK. Tell him: ‘List approved, approved by DD.’ Who is this DD? Why did you approve this list? That’s the biggest question now.

Previously, Manik Bhattacharya was charged with corruption in recruitment. Despite the provision of white papers, unqualified people were hired. It is also alleged that Tate’s list of earnings was not properly issued. Although the primary board questions were incorrect, not all points were improved. Manik was arrested on all of these charges. Allegations of nepotism were raised. The main complaint about the job posting: Was there a conversation about the job posting on WhatsApp? Ed will try to find the answer by questioning Monk.

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It is recalled that the ED previously stated in the indictment that after checking former Minister Partha Chatterjee’s mobile phone, they found a message. Where someone says to Parth: “Manik takes money who thinks. Not only that, but in another message sent to Parth, it was written: “They will take money again, there will be another case, the party will be damaged again.” Please see dear. Parth then sent this message to Manik. In other words, ED officials claim that Parth used it despite knowing about the scheme.


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