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Dimapur, May 17 (MExN): With online scams and scammers operating on social media platforms on the rise, Nagaland Police again issued advice urging the public to beware of such scams.

This was updated via their social media handles on May 17th. “The Nagaland Police have become aware that scammers are using WhatsApp to pose as political leaders/senior government officials, including the Nagaland Police, and are contacting officials or people they know asking for assistance,” the advisor said.

The update detailed the modus operandi of scammers/scammers working as such: “Register in WhatsApp with black/fake SIM cards, use impersonator’s photo as WhatsApp profile picture. Get the name and phone number of potential victims from websites and other social media accounts (friends list) of the person impersonating.

Share the link of Amazon Pay gift cards to the victims with a request to purchase them and send the cards or claim codes to the scammer.’ The scammers claim they’re out of town, attending a conference or meeting, or otherwise busy, and so they need you to make the purchase for them, the guide says.

In addition, the update also mentioned, “Scammers have been observed impersonating people on other social media platforms, notably Facebook, using the same modus operandi to solicit financial assistance and scam innocent victims.”
For this reason, the Nagaland Police have reiterated that one should not give or make financial transactions to others without verifying their identity.

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