PUB launches Telegram channel to provide weather and flood warnings, environmental news and top stories

SINGAPORE – Saying “rain, rain, gone” is not enough, but the public can now turn to a Telegram channel launched by the National Water Authority, PUB, which provides heavy rain warnings as well as flood risk and flash flood warnings.

The mobile-friendly platform comes when the northeast monsoon season intensifies in the coming months, PUB said on Wednesday (Nov. 10).

On November 11th, the Meteorological Service Singapore said more thunderstorms are expected in the first half of the month as the monsoon rainband is expected to stay over the equatorial Southeast Asia region.

The Telegram channel joins other weather news platforms.

Weather forecasts, tide information, water levels in canals and drains, and updates on flash floods can be found in the myENV mobile application from the Ministry of Sustainability and Environment. It can be downloaded for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Monitored television images of road conditions can be found on the PUB website.

PUB’s website reveals that there were seven days this year that flash floods occurred.

Heavy rain on August 24 triggered a 40-minute break on Dunearn Road between Sime Darby Center and Binjai Park as the roads became impassable. It was the third time that the track was flooded this year.

Local residents who live near the Sime Darby Center said floods entered their homes and damaged electronic devices.

Rainwater “entered” Bukit Timah Plaza that day, damaging the floor and goods in some shops.

PUB has announced plans to raise a 450m section of Dunearn Road to reduce the risk of flash floods.

Another major flood at 10 Tampines Avenue and 12 Pasir Ris Drive on the morning of August 20 resulted in 13 vehicles being partially flooded. The incident lasted nearly two hours, unlike most of the flash floods in Singapore, which would subside in 30 minutes.

The Samwoh construction company was charged Tuesday (November 9) with alleged unauthorized work involving the manipulation of a drain that led to the flooding.

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