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“Reach out and touch someone” might be a cliché ad from the 1980s, but it turns out that many people still prefer the phone to troubleshoot problems, especially those related to product issues. According to new data from Invoca, around two-thirds (68%) of consumers say they prefer to talk to their favorite brands over the phone rather than through social media messages, or even email.

Problems arise when they can’t easily talk to another person – so keep callers on hold for long periods of time and allow consumers to easily exit automated systems so they can talk to real humans. LINK –

“In these high-stakes transactions, consumers want the confidence that they are making the right buying decision, and offering a human touch is the best way to reassure them and build a relationship with them,” said Dee Anna McPherson, CMO of Invoca. “However, it also means companies need to pay close attention to their customers’ phone experience and implement the technology needed to make it better, as it can make or break the reputation of their brands.”

What don’t people like about the current calling options? Long wait times, extended holds, and 8 in 10 say they are rerouted too often for their comfort level, which makes them feel undervalued by the business.

Meanwhile, Inmar Intelligence released data from a recent survey which found that most buyers (84%) have now made a purchase due to an influencer recommendation. And just over half (67%) of shoppers have spent more than $ 150 in the past year due to influencer recommendations.

“Social commerce has been a hot topic in the industry for quite some time, but influencers aren’t always included in this story. The truth is, influencer content gives shoppers a reason to buy and inspires to buy.” said Spencer Baird, executive vice president and chairman. MarTech at Inmar Intelligence. “This is why influencer marketing is a key offering in our Retail Cloud. We know that businesses that use influencer marketing are better suited to connect with their target audience because influencers have established a proven connection with consumers who trust and value their opinions. “

Other interesting findings from Inmar’s investigation include:

• 81% of buyers trust recommendations from influencers more than recommendations from celebrities
• 65% say they follow influencers to discover new products
• 66% say they have made at least one purchase via a social platform
• Over 70% say they use Instagram or Facebook to interact with influencers

More data from the Inmar Intelligence survey can be found here. LINK –

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