Social Media Stars Index, produced by Starcom Romania in May: Inna tops the ranking of content creators


According to the Social Media Stars Index, carried out by Starcom Romania, the level of engagement of the content creator communities decreased on Instagram and Youtube, while on Facebook it increased in May 2021 compared to the same period of the year. last. This month’s top also comes with some new lineup novelties, one of the most notable being the fact that Inna returns to number one.

George Mușat, Head of Business Analysis, said: “May 2021 is part of the trend that began after the spring quarantine last year: the decline in the activity of content creators and their fans. With one exception, however. Facebook, which has a significant written component, is the platform that encourages people to voice their opinions and debate the ideas they support. For Instagram and Youtube, more visually oriented platforms, this component is blurry. Facebook is also the only social platform that offers the ability to share content, so people have been able to share information that they find useful.

Three major trends in the level of engagement

On the one hand, fans had 40% less activity on Instagram, a social platform preferred by younger people, with the drop targeting both reactions (from 73 million in May 2020 to 55 million in May 2021), as well as comments (2.3 million in May 2020 against 1 million in May 2021).

As for Youtube, the decline is even greater: 48% in terms of fan engagement and 76% in terms of content consumption. If in May 2020 the posted content was viewed nearly 720 million times, a year later the number of views fell to nearly 175 million. Over 85% of this decrease is attributable to the Games category.

On the other hand, Facebook, the social network preferred in particular by people over 35, recorded an increase of more than 50%. This increase is mainly due to the increase in the number of reactions and comments (from just over 20 million to over 28 million reactions and from 1.2 million to almost 1.7 million comments), while that the number of content shares has remained relatively constant at around 1.3 million.

Inna, once again in first place in the general classification

Inna returns to the first place of the top, but it should be noted that she does not hold supremacy on any social network. In second place is Andra, which thus loses one position compared to the previous summit.

Răzvan Botezatu, first place on Facebook

Răzvan Botezatu ranks first on Facebook, mainly because of his intense activity, but also because one of his posts collects no less than 95,000 comments. However, he does not achieve the same performance on other social networks, so he only holds 10th place overall this month.

Andrei Deiu, first place on Instagram

Andrei Deiu’s Instagram account has grown rapidly over the past year, garnering 46% more fans compared to January 2020, reaching over 4.4 million followers in May. With average performances on Facebook and Youtube accounts, Andrei Deiu ranks third overall.

Bogdan IBMFamily, first place on Youtube

Bogdan Iordache (aka Bogdan IBMFamily) manages to reach 1st place on Youtube, having the posts with the most reactions, over 660,000, but also with an impressive number of comments, over 21,000.

Top novelties

With the reaching of the upper phases of the cooking show Chefi la cuțite, the social media accounts of the three jurors have major impetus: Chef Florin Dumitrescu ranks 4th at the top (being the only one with an active Youtube channel) , Chef Sorin Bontea is in 6th place and Chef Cătălin Scărlătescu is in 36th place.

Irina RimeÈ™ is for the first time in the top, propelled directly to 11th place on Youtube by the song “We don’t have time”, which has accumulated more than 3.7 million views.

Plus, this month’s top marks another first: Adelina Pestriu’s absence from the top 20 content creators. This is due on the one hand to its lower activity over the last 6 months, the peak being reached in July 2020, but also to the decrease in fan interactions with the content posted by it.

Social Media Star Index – Music Category

The leader of the general classification, Inna, is also at the top of the classification in the Music category.

Social Media Star Index – Fashion & Beauty Category

In the Fashion & Beauty category, the first place was held in May by Andreea Raicu. In second place is Ioana Grama, followed in third place by Dana Rogoz. Previously, the first place was occupied by Adelina Pestrițu, who has now fallen to fourth place.

Social Media Stars Index – Category of TV stars

The number 1 star on TV is Chef Florin Dumitrescu, powered by the program Chefi la cutite. He is followed in the lead by Chef Sorin Bontea, in turn benefiting from the exposure offered by the television show, and by Răzvan Botezatu, in third place.

Social Media Star Rating – Entertainment Category

Mircea Bravo remains at the top of the Entertainment category. Instead, Selly drops to third place, with second place now being occupied by Bogdan IBMFamily.

Social Media Star Index – Game Category

Gamers remain a major attraction on Youtube. The favorites of the Romanians are Maxinfinite, Andrei Obret and Gannicus96.

Social Media Star Index – Kitchen Category

In the Kitchen category, Gina Bradea takes first place, followed by Laura Laurențiu. In third place is Jamila Cuisine.

About the methodology

Each person’s presence on social platforms was scored based on two criteria: channel / page size and fan engagement. For a balanced representation of the three social platforms, each indicator was calculated by reporting each dimension to the maximum of the platform.

Throughout the channel, the number of fans / followers / subscribers was taken into account, as well as the number of mentions by fans (in the case of Facebook) and the number of views for each clip (in the case of Youtube). The volume index on the platform results from the sum of the two dimensions.

To calculate an account’s engagement, the share of the number of comments and shares to the number of market-level reactions was first calculated. For each account, the number of actions and comments was multiplied by the average market index, plus the results with the number of account appreciations, thus obtaining a number of engagement points for each account. The engagement index was calculated by relating the number of points for each account to the maximum number of points per platform.

The ranking of accounts on each platform was done by adding the engagement index with the largest and reporting it to the maximum number of points of the respective platform. Thus, the index of each platform had a weight of 1/3 in the final index.

The calculation of the total index was carried out by adding the indices for each platform where the person is present.


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