Telegram app update allows you to customize sounds and mute chats

Telegram’s update lets you customize alert sounds, mute chats, and do things with bots.
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Telegram Messenger app released a new update for iPhone and iPad this week that allows you to customize sounds for notifications, mute chats and enjoy some other improvements.

Custom alarm tones and mute duration of Telegram app

first under the changes of the update, now you can create custom alert sounds. After the update, you can create custom alert tones from short audio files or voice messages in the app. They must be less than 5 seconds long and less than 300 KB in size.

You can create multiple custom notifications and assign them to specific chats or chat groups. Telegram has created a notification sounds channel with some samples to get you started.

Second, you can customize how long you mute chats. If you’re less concerned with customizing alert sounds and just prefer to reduce the storm of notifications you receive, the update offers some custom mute options.

Telegram allowed you to temporarily mute chats for a preset duration, but now you can set your own mute duration.

Each chat now has a streamlined menu for changing notifications. In it, users can select Disable sound to receive notifications silently. Or they can select one of the mute options to turn off notifications entirely.

Other updates

The new update also improves the translation of in-app messages in iOS, adds a new UI for changing phone numbers, and welcomes additional animated emojis, such as: B. the category “food that moves”.

For more details on other changes and improvements to the Telegram interface, see the developer’s blog.

Another interesting highlight concerns bots. Telegram said it was creating a “bot revolution”. As the company said:

Today we’re adding a whole new dimension by giving bot developers the tools to create infinitely flexible interfaces using JavaScript, one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world. This allows Telegram bots to completely replace any website.

Telegram version 8.7 is now available for iPhone and iPad.

Where to download: app store

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