Telegram is exiting its Wear OS app before restarting the platform

Popular messaging service Telegram just released its 8.0 update with some new features today, but it’s an unfortunate loss for Android users. Unfortunately, it seems like Telegram silently killed its Wear OS app.

Telegram 8.0 brings with it a couple of important changes, including removing all limits on the size of the audience for a live stream. Viewers can now be unlimited. Message forwarding is also getting some upgrades with the ability to hide captions or the sender’s name. Telegram will now also display trending stickers and improve the process of choosing stickers on its Android app. Finally, other emojis will also be animated when sent as a custom message.

However, the biggest change this update brings seems to be the end of Telegram’s Wear OS app. The app suddenly disappeared from the Google Play Store on Wear OS on our Galaxy Watch 4 and Moto 360 devices after this update was released. That’s noteworthy because of it was only available on Sunday evening.

As shown below, the app no ​​longer appears when searching for “Telegram” in the Play Store. That means it can’t be downloaded again, but it should stay in place if it’s already on your smartwatch.

We reached out to Telegram to confirm if the service’s Wear OS app was really a hit, but the company was unavailable for immediate comment.

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