Telegram postpones update worldwide with several improvements: check what’s new

Telegram postpones update worldwide with several improvements: check what’s new

11/06/2022, 3:20 p.m
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Telegram’s latest update rolls out to users worldwide (Image credit: Telegram)

telegram has rolled out its latest update with many new features that are now available to users worldwide.

The update brings features like topics in groups, collectible usernames, voice-to-text for video messaging, and more.

These upgrades can be experienced by Android and iOS users by downloading the latest version of the app from their respective stores.

Let’s check out the goodies.

Why is this story important?

  • The race for market leadership in instant messaging is fiercely contested.
  • Also, users now expect brands to get off their high horses and release regular updates with features that are both innovative and helpful.
  • Telegram recently surpassed 700 million active users worldwide. In this scenario, it is crucial for the service to introduce new features to keep its user base.

“Topics in Groups” suitable for groups with more than 200 members

Telegram’s new Group Topics feature is designed specifically for large groups of over 200 members.

It allows users to create separate sections for each topic within a group. This way chats stay sorted and easily accessible.

Topics act as individual chat rooms with a specific discussion topic. All group members can chat on any of the created topics.

Collectible usernames should not be longer than 5 characters

In addition to a single username, Telegram now allows users to add multiple usernames to each of their accounts and public chats. These names have their own links for use outside of Telegram.

Multiple usernames allow individuals to easily find themselves in public groups/channels. Users get full control over their collective names.

Also, these names can be shorter than five characters.

Users now get text transcripts for videos

As a reminder, voice-to-text was announced as well Telegram Premium for audio messages. Users already have the ability to convert any voice message to text, making reading along more convenient than listening.

Now Telegram’s latest update adds the same functionality to video messaging as well, allowing premium users to get a text transcript for a video instantly.

The update adds new emoji packs for Telegram Premium

The update also introduces 12 new emoji packs that can be used in messages and captions. These packages are exclusive to Telegram Premium users. Separately, there are four new interactive emojis with full-screen effects, as well as three reactions for 1-on-1 chats for all users.

It also brings some minor improvements

Telegram’s latest update brings a redesigned night mode for iOS User, making the colors more balanced with better blur effects.

It also adds a text message resizing feature Androidwhich allows users to resize text including in response headers, link previews, etc.

There are several minor design improvements that can be seen when using the updated app version.

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