The messaging platform adds a digital wallet and other feature enhancements

NEW Rakuten Viber Chief Executive Officer Ofir Eyal is moving the popular communications app into the fintech category as the company’s determination to offer users more than just its core messaging and calling capabilities, a critical step in realizing its vision , to become a super app.

Viber will introduce the in-app payment service that will allow users to create a digital wallet within the platform. Payment wallets can be linked to bank accounts as well as Visa and Mastercard to transfer money to other people, buy products and pay bills. Viber will first introduce peer-to-peer transfers, which will be available to users for free.

The service will be available in Germany and Greece later this summer. In the initial period, Viber will collect the user feedback needed to further improve the product before rolling it out to more markets.

“In my role as CEO, I am honored to lead and be part of a highly motivated team at Rakuten Viber as we pursue the company’s vision and mission in the face of the challenges ahead. In addition, we want to maintain Viber’s high standards and innovative spirit when it comes to running and improving the app to improve user experience and ultimately become a super app. I will always appreciate and be grateful to the staff who are part of the journey of making Viber what it is today,” Mr Eyal said.

Rakuten Viber’s CEO, who joined the position in August last year, has been instrumental in expanding the platform and bringing it closer to users during his more than 7 years with the company.

Recently, Viber’s continuous advancements have provided features that help maximize user experience in both business and entertainment spheres along with encouraging users to communicate with each other.

Eyal is now Viber’s most senior post, overseeing the execution of the company’s ambitious product development and market expansion efforts. In the meantime, he seeks new business opportunities as the company continues to establish itself as a global industry leader.

APAC is currently one of Viber’s fastest growing regions. It is growing at over 20 percent annually and continues to introduce innovative partnerships and projects that are unique to the region.

In the Philippines, Viber remains an integral communications platform with 30 percent annual growth in active use, 25 percent increase in single messages sent, 39 percent growth in group calls and 101 percent growth in video calls. It has become a popular app not only for calling and messaging but also for business.

In the midst of a global health crisis that has hit micro, small and medium-sized businesses, or MSMEs, Viber has given them the opportunity to harness the power of conversational commerce through communities and channels that connected small online entrepreneurs to specific hyper-local or specific interest groups.

With a clear direction of where he wants to take Viber next, Eyal’s leadership is expected to sustain Viber’s continued growth in product and service development and expansion into new markets, and position Viber as a key and innovative player in the global messaging and app space. area establish landscape.

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