This is how the new feature that will soon be released in the WhatsApp app will work

WhatsApp messaging app is a long-awaited innovation among users and already introduces the new message reply feature.

As detailed on the exclusive website Wabetainfo, the app has started rolling out the feature to beta testers on the Android OS on a limited basis.

Reactions already available in this update: Like, Love, Laugh, Surprise, Sad and Thank you.

Unfortunately, at the moment this seems to be only a small test, so only a few testers were able to react to messages, but now everyone can see the novelty.

There is also no official date for the general release of the function for Android and iOS systems.

This is the new feature that could change the way users use the messaging app

After launching the Message Responses messaging app feature for a limited number of beta testers, WhatsApp is now working on another important task.

WhatsApp has launched a small trial in recent days, which some users are already able to share media files up to 2GB (currently max 100MB).

However, it’s still unclear if WhatsApp plans to roll out the same feature to more people in the future as it’s a limited trial.

The ability to share media files up to 2GB has been released for some beta testers on Android and iOS systems. Look what’s new:

with information From the Wabetainfo website

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