This is how you can send a video of more than 30 seconds on WhatsApp without skipping parts

Fitting videos to WhatsApp statuses is more complicated than it seems and if you want to do it well, you need to invest time and adjust the cuts flawlessly.

An example of the above is that if the video is 60 seconds long, you must post two parts; one from 0 to 30 seconds and another from 31 to 60 seconds; So if you upload your story to WhatsApp in two fragments out of 30, one fragment of the first part will be repeated.

So next we will show you how to upload your stories to WhatsApp and not skip or repeat any part when your contacts see your status.

Video on whatsapp without omissions.

Firstly, go to Android Play Store and download “Video Status & Downloader” app. Before proceeding, make sure WhatsApp has no pending updates.

Now open the app and grant all necessary permissions to make it work smoothly.

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The main interface is simple, you have four options, click the one labeled “Status Uploader”; Then you will be redirected to your mobile’s gallery and select the video that you want to post to your WhatsApp statuses.

Be careful, ads are likely to appear, go back and the video will play; At this point you need to click on the arrow at the bottom right.

WhatsApp will open immediately, tap “My Status” in the application and then tap the green arrow at the bottom; The video is already shared as on Instagram, if you want to delete it, just press and drag it to “Delete”.

Finally, add a description and post the video with no skipped parts.

Here’s how to create abbreviations or phrases in WhatsApp.

  • Open the application and access the “Dictionary” section
  • Click the Personal Dictionary > Spanish (US) option
  • Click the plus icon
  • Fill in two fields, in second place an abbreviation.
  • Close all.

Open WhatsApp and enter any group or personal conversation, touch the text field to activate Gboard and write “Dire” or “Dir”. You will see your full address appear in the suggestions.

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