Viber introduces the feature of disappearing messages in group chats


After more than a billion Google Play downloads worldwide, Viber announced a new feature that was previously only available for one-on-one chats: the disappearance of messages. Starting today, Viber introduces this option for group chats as well.

More importantly, users don’t have to go through a multi-step process to change the status of messages in the group, as the feature has been implemented so that members can easily toggle it on and off right in chat.

Furthermore, Viber added new functionality to the feature so that users can now choose to have messages in a group chat disappear 10 seconds, a minute, an hour, or a day after reading them. In addition, on devices running Android 6 and above, Viber will completely disable forwarding, copying, or taking a screenshot of a message if the option to disappear is enabled.

For users of older Android smartphones, as well as for all iOS users, group chat members are automatically notified when a member of the chat takes a screenshot of a message that is about to disappear. Although Viber’s personal and group chats are end-to-end encrypted, the new feature will surely add another layer of security for Android and iOS users.


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