Viber talked about a feature that will be useful for owners of Xiaomi smartphones

Xiaomi smartphone owners now have the unique option of deactivating analysis in Viber Messenger. It’s no secret that Messenger collects your personal information, which includes additional traffic and battery costs. We’ll show you how to disable the unwanted feature.

To get started with Viber, you need to select “Advanced” or “More”. In the “Settings” section you will find the “Privacy” section. Next, select “Personal Data” and disable multiple items at once: collect analytics, personalize content and advertise based on links.

When it comes to content personalization, you can enable this item if you want ads on Viber based on your interests. Link-based advertising aims to analyze your questions on the Internet and your Viber conversations with those you are talking to.

Viber talked about a feature that will be useful for owners of Xiaomi smartphones

To avoid overloading the smartphone regardless of the model, you should disable the automatic protection of media files on Viber. To do this, you have to search for “data and multimedia” in the settings and deactivate “save in gallery”. You can now only save the photos and videos you want on your smartphone. In addition, a new functionality for sorting files in chats has been provided. It is no longer as necessary as it was before.

It was reported earlier how to save all correspondence on Viber after changing phone number.

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