What do WhatsApp DPs and status messages convey?

I spoke to my girlfriend and she asked me about my DP. That day my DP was that of an Upma I had done. Of course, I became a demonstration of my half-baked intellectualism, making it an example of everything from simplicity to diversity to fusion. For this I used the status message to convey my thoughts.

Diversity is = sourdough bread Upma with olive oil, green chilies, turmeric and international micro herbs, e.g. B. basil, mint & curry leaves. This got me thinking about the images and words these DPs should convey. It was Henrik Ibsen, the famous Norwegian playwright, who first said: “A thousand words do not leave the same deep impression as a single deed”. This has been abridged, plagiarized and butchered into various well-meaning versions implying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Of course, the lack of pictures also gives something away. What does it reveal?

A number of psychologists have also commented on this aspect and while I acknowledge the wisdom of the profession I cannot name them all. However, what it reflects is “self-expression”. This is described as “the process by which individuals convey an image to others. ” C. Yang, B. Bradford Brown – Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 2016 – Springer (Although duplicity or charades may arise, the intention is mostly benign. It involves partial disclosures attempting to present oneself at one’s best to show.

Sometimes nothing other than the fact that your presence is intrusive to that person.

Sometimes their favorite things – places, moods, people or quotes. It makes you envious of their vacation spots (could be an imaginary one too), their political leanings and opinions on all things sun and moon. What the status and profile mean is “self-expression”.

There are a few attributes at work:

1. Self-Expression: Those who have the same, unchanging self-image probably want to make sure they are properly identified. I’ve come to this conclusion because many times on Facebook I’ve identified a friend by name + correct picture.

Then there are those posers and braggarts who change their DP with their own pictures very frequently. These are the attention seekers who have a lot of self-love. If taken to the extreme, they could be borderline narcissists. If the images are also intimate, serious self-esteem issues and fears of lack of interest or limelight can be underlying.

The number of WA users in the 50+ age category has risen sharply in recent years. In fact, in a study conducted in Spain, millennial use of WA was lower than in the 40+ age group. I believe this is also the case in our part of the world. I’ve often been asked by my millennial friends to take action on Insta if I want to reach them. Thus, the aspect of self-expression that is important in adolescence now appears to be present in most age groups.

2. Busy: They might project exclusivity or just be scientists too focused on their research. It shows a laser focus on their own aspirations. In my experience, there are people who communicate sporadically and could become disconnected from any non-work social media.

3. Famous People Pictures: These are the people who dream through others. It’s like the amazing feeling I had when Shreyas Iyer hit a century on his Test debut, although I don’t know him at all and other than that fleeting high, it doesn’t really affect me. Dream through others.

4. Business Orientation: I have a dear friend who is a baker whose DP is always a picture of a cake she recently baked. It reminds us of the cake and many times people have asked her to make one just like that. In this case, the DP can become a shelf extension for you.

5. Constant DP changer: I change my picture when I’m bored. Therefore, it is possibly a sign of a restless nature that will be made redundant by time. Many people use famous lines from books, poems, and even articles as status messages. I’m definitely not immune to that. TSEliot, one of the most influential poets of the 20th century, remains relevant today. In 1915 he wrote his famous poem “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”, from which I quote a few lines.

There will be time, there will be time
To prepare a face to meet the faces you meet

The potential power of harnessing some of this modern media is perhaps reflected in these two lines. The messages reflect how you want to be perceived by others.



The views expressed above are the author’s own.


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