What is the UK government hiding on WhatsApp? We have no idea – that’s the problem

Here is the thing. The Downing Street background WhatsApp messages survived because Lord Brownlow kept his own copy of the conversation on his phone.

But how many more have been lost?

How much evidence that would be vital to our understanding of what happened to our country during this catastrophic pandemic has been silently erased forever – along with the possibility of the people who made the decisions and then destroyed the evidence to be held accountable?

Because of this, Foxglove is helping the nonprofit Citizens group bring the government to justice – in a case heard on March 22nd – to ban the use of these vanishing messages across government.

As part of the case, the government issued guidelines showing that WhatsApp, Signal, and the rest should not be used for official business at all.

When a judge finally starts the formal investigation into the government’s handling of the pandemic and investigates the deaths of around 150,000 of our British people, some of the public records could be missing.

This is unacceptable. If we are ever going to understand what has happened in these horrific final years, when so many of us have lost so much, it cannot last.

We cannot begin to grieve – and one day try to move on together – when the essential evidence of the choices made is gone.

If you would like to support our case, you can sign our petition here on Change.org. Please share it with everyone you know who cares about the future of our democracy.

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