WhatsApp: A Look At 5 Features That May Be Launching Soon


WhatsApp is working on a number of features for Android and iOS. The company recently confirmed that it will expand the Disappearing Message feature and also add a “View Once” option. It is also expected that the web version of WhatsApp will be expanded to include calling. The company’s boss, Will Cathcart, recently announced that support for multiple devices will be arriving on the platform soon. Read on to find out more about the upcoming WhatsApp features.

Disappearance mode

WhatsApp already offers a message disappearing feature and is now planning to expand this feature. In an interview with WaBetaInfo, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that WhatsApp will introduce a disappearance mode that allows you to enable messages to disappear on all chat threads.

Currently, you have to manually activate the disappearance feature (for each chat). Once you activate it, messages can be deleted after a certain period of time. The company has not disclosed whether users will get the timer option with the new Disappearance Mode.

View once function

Zuckerberg also confirmed that WhatsApp plans to add a “View Once” feature that will allow users to share media such as photos and videos that can only be viewed once. This is comparable to the disappearing photo or video function of Instagram. So when you send a photo to someone, it disappears from the chat when the recipient sees it. This function is not activated by default.

Multiple device support

WhatsApp has been testing multiple device support for months and has finally confirmed it will arrive soon. According to a report from WaBetaInfo, support will be entering public beta “in the next month or two”. Facebook’s CEO also confirmed that the multi-device feature won’t affect the end-to-end encryption the messaging app offers for face-to-face chats.

Once you’ve got this feature, you’ll be able to log into your WhatsApp account on multiple devices at the same time. Once the same account is signed into another device, it will be automatically signed out of the first device according to the previous reports. Currently, users can log into their WhatsApp account on a single device.

Missed group calls

WhatsApp is also said to be working on a feature that will allow you to join group calls that you may have missed. In simpler terms, if someone invites you to a group call and you can’t join at that moment, you have the option to join later if the call isn’t over. The same feature was discovered in the beta version of Android back in October 2020 and now WhatsApp is testing it for iOS users.

Read WhatsApp later

Finally, the Facebook-owned company is also working on a Read Later feature, as revealed in a recent report by. emerges WaBetaInfo. The feature replaces the existing archived chats feature and does not bring the archived chats back to the top of the messaging app.

If you are currently archiving a chat in WhatsApp, the app will hide it in the archive area and you will not see it at the top of all chats. However, when a new message comes in, the archived chat will automatically appear at the top of the screen. With the new Read Later function, WhatsApp wants to eliminate these interruptions.


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