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WhatsApp, 9 ideas to congratulate this New Year | .

Due to the isolation of some families who unfortunately cannot spend New Year’s Eve together, WhasApp presents you 9 ideas to send during this important celebration.

Thanks to new technologies, we have the opportunity not to feel so far from our loved ones, whether by video call, chat or a simple phone call, makes millions of people happy, just like using Whatsapp offers.

Even when we are far from home, these applications allow us to communicate constantly, especially now with the arrival of New Year.

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We can always communicate with our loved ones even though we are far away | Instagram Whatsapp

December 31st is starting to be a day of congratulations, good wishes and blessings flowing over the phones, but without a doubt we share funny phrases to wish others a happy new year and share some phrases that you share on WhatsApp can use:

One of these is to share a video call with your grandparents and learn how to bake their traditional Christmas cake in case you have a grandmother who cooks yummy as most people do.

Sending a voice memo to one of your aunts telling a joke about Christmas or this style is sure to bring a lot of grace to her.

Sending a loving message to someone special late at night after 12 would be a detail for many that they would like to receive.

You can also write to different friends throughout the day as you may run into different time zones.

One of the ideas that don’t fail at all is to copy the same message and send it to all of your contacts, the secret would be to copy and paste it so that the legend of “forwarded” doesn’t appear and you downplay the meaning of someone or someone feel something less like that.

No doubt there will always be someone who has to work in the New Year so you can message them and even give them a call so they will feel loved and know that they have not been forgotten and will be missed.

Making a meme and sending it to your uncles for them to understand is nice too, especially now that it’s a bit complicated for the older generations to understand.

An international call with someone special always works, especially when the family can get together and have everything appear via video call, it’s something really exciting and emotional.

In the family’s group chat, they could do a live live and enjoy a Christmas film with the whole family, whether present or absent.

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