WhatsApp banned over 10 lakh Indian accounts in February: compliance report

Meta-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp suspended more than 10,000 accounts (1.4 million to be exact) between Feb. 1 and 28, according to the company’s latest transparency report. These accounts were removed because they were involved in malicious activities on the platform such as B. User harassment, forwarding of fake messages and more.

The report is published in accordance with rule 4(1)(d) of the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021. Every social media intermediary must comply with the IT Rules 2021 and publish a monthly transparency report on all the complaints the platforms have received and what actions the platform has taken. This is the ninth report published by WhatsApp.

“Over the years, we have consistently invested in artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies, data scientists and experts, and processes to keep our users safe on our platform. In accordance with the IT Rules 2021, we have published our ninth monthly report for the month of February 2022. This User Security Report details the user complaints received and the corresponding actions taken by WhatsApp, as well as WhatsApp’s own preventive measures to combat abuse on our platform. As noted in the latest monthly report, WhatsApp suspended over 1.4 million accounts in February,” a WhatsApp spokesperson said in a statement.

WhatsApp says it has provided tools and resources to prevent malicious behavior on the platform. Particularly focused on prevention because the company believes “that it is much better to prevent harmful activity
the first place than to discover it after damage has occurred.”

Abuse detection works at three stages of an account’s lifestyle: at registration, during messaging, and in response to negative feedback WhatsApp receives in the form of user reports and bans. A team of analysts extends these systems to assess edge cases and help WhatsApp improve effectiveness over time.

In early January, WhatsApp removed over 18.5 lakh accounts and in December 2021, the company said it forbidden over 20 lakh accounts.

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