WhatsApp consumes data? Save your internet plan using these steps

Tech News Desk – Millions of people use WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging platform, to communicate every day, but it also has a downside. Actually use WhatsApp or not, but like any other application, it consumes a lot of internet data. Often people’s internet data gets corrupted due to this problem. This can be very annoying, especially for those who do not use Wi-Fi and rely on limited internet data in their daily lives. According to a report by UK company Mediarun Search, real-time messaging, information updates and apps running in the background consume a lot of internet data. The report also advised users to avoid using data packs. Warnings should be set about the activities to be performed. This includes activities such as restricting media updates, broadcasts, and searches. However, some apps can be blocked from using data if they are actively running in the background. Android and iPhone users can block WhatsApp from connecting to the internet and save their mobile data by disabling certain features.
Step 1: Activate the Settings tab.
Step 2: When the data usage option is selected, users can see the list of data usage in the background.
Step 3: Select WhatsApp from this list and then continue.
Step 4: Toggle the Background data usage option to disable this feature.

Apart from that, other options can also be used. First go to Settings. Then select the Cellular Data option and move the slider. Select the WhatsApp option to disable this feature. According to reports, a new feature can be seen in WhatsApp. According to this feature, users can also recover deleted messages. When users delete a message from WhatsApp chat, a popup will appear at the bottom of the screen. This pop-up window says “Delete Message” and is accompanied by an “Undo” button. This popup will remain for a few seconds and then disappear. Meanwhile, if the user selects the Undo option, the deleted message will be restored. However, if the popup disappears, there is no way to recover a deleted message. Because of this feature, users can keep important messages from being deleted. If users want to verify if they have access to this feature, they can do so in the Google Beta program for Android version However, the information on when it will be included in the final version of WhatsApp has not been announced.

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