WhatsApp could soon allow users to search messages by date – here’s how it will work

  • Whatsapp will soon allow users to search messages by date.
  • This feature allows users to jump to a specific date to read news.
  • The feature comes in handy when users want to determine which messages were shared on a specific date.
  • The Find Message by Date feature is currently under development.

With several new features, meta’s own instant messaging app WhatsApp is constantly working to improve the user experience. The messaging app has introduced several new features like emoji reactions for messages, polls, transferring chats between iOS and Android, muting specific participants in voice calls, and more.

According to a report by WaBetaInfo, the instant messaging app is working on searching messages by date. The feature was first spotted by WaBetaInfo in 2020, however, there were no plans to release it to the public after some time. After the release of TestFlight’s WhatsApp iOS beta update, WhatsApp plans to release this feature again.

How does message search by date work on WhatsApp?

This feature is currently in development and once the feature is released, users will see a new calendar icon when searching for a message in a conversation. A calendar icon allows users to quickly jump to a specific date to read all messages from that date.


To close the date view, a user simply needs to scroll through the conversation.

This feature comes in especially handy when users want to see what messages were shared on a specific date.

In addition, WhatsApp is also working on a new feature that will allow you to send a message to yourself while using the desktop version and WhatsApp polls feature. The poll feature allows users to provide feedback on new products, services, and more after receiving an invitation.

It’s unclear when these features will be rolled out, but soon we will be able to test these features in WhatsApp’s beta version.

Ability to send messages to yourself, polls and other upcoming WhatsApp features

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