WhatsApp disappearing messages feature will be changed for you soon!

WhatsApp could soon allow users to keep important messages intact even in the disappearing chats. Learn how WhatsApp’s disappearing messages feature works.

The WhatsApp disappearing message feature was introduced not so long ago. It allows users to make their WhatsApp messages for a specific contact disappear after a specific time. This is an automatic feature that ensures chats are removed as per the user’s requests. If your contact has enabled the WhatsApp option to let the chat disappear, then there is no other option but to let the chat go. You cannot save the WhatsApp message unless you turn off the disappearing chats completely.

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Undoubtedly, disappearing messages will help us send more private messages, but at the cost of losing some important messages when the mode is on. If you later want to read one of the shared messages, this is not possible. But it seems like things are about to change! WhatsApp is working on an additional feature that will allow users to save important messages from chats disappearing. This can be useful if you want to keep the information that can be used in the future, like phone numbers, contact details, maybe a heartfelt message that you don’t want to lose. Also Read: Do you have iPhone 5, iPhone 5c? WhatsApp has some very bad news for you

“If users share a very important message in a disappearing chat and don’t want to lose it, they can keep it by preventing its expiration thanks to retained messages: in other words, you can prevent some disappearing messages from disappearing in a future version of WhatsApp,” WhatsApp update tracker informed WaBetaInfo report of the new upcoming feature. However, the same saved messages feature was found in the previous beta of WhatsApp. Also read: Meta gives WhatsApp Business a BOOST; Mark Zuckerberg shares details With

How Does the WhatsApp Keep Messages Feature Work?

Along with the upcoming update, the WaBetaInfo report shared a screenshot that suggests that WhatsApp is planning to introduce a new section right in the contact information and group information that lists all messages on hold. In this case, users can later easily read all saved messages from the disappearing chats. “Since anyone in the chat can decide to stop keeping these messages, WhatsApp is now planning to make it easier to find them, so they are developing this section,” reads the latest report.

Well, unfortunately, this feature is still under development and when it will be available for all WhatsApp users is still unknown.

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