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WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps in the world and is used by millions of users every day for various purposes. Whether it’s keeping up with family or having workgroup chats, WhatsApp offers a platform for both.

In the app, it is up to the group admin to control and regulate the content posted there, but sometimes people don’t follow the guidelines set by the admins and post offensive content in the group chat. In this case, the admin must take responsibility by either asking the user to delete the message or removing them from the group. But even after a nice request, the user doesn’t comply, and that’s where this feature comes in. This feature gives admins the ability to delete messages sent by anyone in a group for everyone present in that particular group, so not even the sender can see what they sent.

This feature has started rolling out and has been awarded to a few lucky beta users. One thing we now know for sure is that this feature will be available soon for beta users and those who want to use it must have WhatsApp Beta for iOS One thing that needs to be noted is that as of now, this feature is only available for iOS beta users. It is still unclear whether this will also come to Android in the future.

In addition, WhatsApp has been working on another feature that is currently under development. WhatsApp recently introduced Communities, a place where one person can find all groups related to a specific topic. Now it is working on an update that will allow users to create their community.

Well, this feature was long overdue as it should have been released with the Communities feature when it first came out. Well the feature wasn’t there, it just wasn’t available for beta Android users. But now the time has finally come.

According to the screenshot posted by WABetainfo, it’s very easy to check if the feature is available in your version of WhatsApp, just look at the top left corner where the camera tab usually is when you see 3 little people over there , it means your version of WhatsApp is compatible and as for the people you see, clicking it will take you to the community tab.

If the tab is available on your phone you can start adding 10 groups to a community, they are called subgroups and a community can support up to 512 participants.

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