WhatsApp is finally rolling out its online hide feature

American tech giant Whatsapp We can say that this year is almost perfect. The company, which comes up with a new feature almost every week, added the ability to turn off Last Seen status in a recent update. Also together with another update package, Whatsapp We have gained another very important feature like increasing the number of group participants. Here is the last step of the company before understanding that it is online on whatsapp for those who want to travel.

American technology According to the latest leaks confirmed by the company, Apple a new To update Pack, and the main topic of this update pack is whether to hide online status or not.

WhatsApp is finally rolling out its online hide feature

If we look at the incoming leaks, in this function menu there are two different options that we access from the settings area. The first of these options “All” So if you activate Everyone, everyone will still see whether you are online or not. However, the second option same ace last seen If we look, things change. Here, the application allows us to design our online presence as specified in the “Last Seen” function, if we so wish.

If we look at the options under the last seen feature, we can see that there are 4 different options: Everyone, My Contacts, My Contacts Except and Nobody. Whatsapp It is not yet known when this function will be available worldwide. a has not commented.

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