WhatsApp: “It’s offensive.” Boss is suing employees for sending “Hey” on WhatsApp, netizens react

Everything and everyone has moved to the digital world. Be it for work or pleasure, communication in this tech age is done through various instant messaging platforms including WhatsApp which is used by many around the world.

So when an image of a young man’s “awkward” WhatsApp chat with his boss surfaced online, it caught attention. Now if you’re wondering what’s so different about it, here’s the catch. A simple “hello” from the employee to his boss sparked a debate between people of the old school and the generations of the new era.

When asked about submitting a specific test in the screenshot, the employee responded by saying, “Hey, no, not yet.”

But the boss didn’t agree with the “Hey” and expressed his disappointment.

In response to the text, the boss wrote: “Please don’t use the word ‘Hey’. It’s offensive to me.

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The employer then went on to explain what other words such as “guy” and “man” should not be used professionally by an employee.

However, the employee stood his ground, reminding his boss that the conversation was on WhatsApp and not LinkedIn or an email.

“Well, considering we’re talking on WhatsApp and not LinkedIn or a mail chain. I’m just casual as you text me with my home number. And to be professional, I’m not the one to take offense,” the employee wrote back.

The boss replied: “WhatsApp is no longer a personal area, it was used for business. I don’t stick to my ideology. If you understand, fine; or you will understand sooner or later”, followed by a smiling emoji.

A screenshot of that conversation prompted a discussion about who is right. Several Reddit users have commented on the matter. One person wrote, “I would call him ‘chap’ in literally every communication.”

“Agreed. You don’t use a social media app like WhatsApp to have a professional relationship over the internet. You should write a properly formatted email.” another person shared.

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